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What does art mean to you ? And what do you look for?

Whenever we go to a new city, chances are one of the first things we do will be to tour it's art, either in its galleries or taking in the scenery. At the beginning of the last century collective meaning in art was superseded by the meaning derived by the individual. Then what is the individual looking for in art?
To transcend the now? To be shocked? To notice things? Or for Mystery? Or Knowledge?

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    Apr 23 2014: Personally, I look for the extraordinary within the ordinary - the unfamiliar in the familiar, and new experiences within the already experienced. This is highly dependent on how I feel within myself at the time, and how receptive I am to what art is saying to the majority, and/or what I perceive it might be saying to me personally. It is dependent on my own mood; if I feel light and uplifted beforehand, I will read art very differently to when I am in a darker mood. Both are equally valid for me - even though the art itself may have had a narrower intended meaning.

    Stumbling upon art or scenery (as opposed to it being a planned tour), seems to be more of a profound, concentrated experience. Perhaps because 'the planned' gets devalued by a slow trickle of expectation over a long period beforehand, often resulting in a mismatch of reality with the establishment of prior expectation.

    This has parallels with going away on holiday or vacation, where the destination is disappointing, but the journey was amazing. The expectations of where we are going exist in the mind as dreams and perceptions, whereas the destination is abrupt reality.

    I wonder if this is really what art is about - the essentiality of perception over reality? Could such perceptions be the wide-ranging 'outriders' of future knowledge? Should science be more understanding of what art is revealing to us?
  • Apr 15 2014: Art is what stirs an emotion in me. I might not want it in my home but it does engender an emotion. I know some things I like, others think it is very bad but that is life. I do have a pet peeve. Many modern artists think they can create their style without understanding the basics. I find that art to be usually not very good in my eyes.
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    Apr 15 2014: In art I look for a connection. Art is about expression, I look for beauty, imperfection, form, order, creativity........a lot. But when I find what I'm looking for, I know.

    The connection.
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    Apr 15 2014: Art, to me, is the result of imaginative and creative thinking. Creative thinking, not surprisingly, also fuels innovation and invention. Show me a robust art community and I'll show you a progressive and cultured community.

    The center of gravity for art is also the center of gravity for education, business, and finance.
  • Apr 12 2014: Art is beauty. I look for something beautiful that I can hang on one of my walls. Oil paintings are more robust than water-colours. Also, cactii and ornaments to put on shelves: hand-carved safari animals; a souvenir boomerang; Russian dolls; Dutch clogs; Japanese lacquered dolls; a bowl of pebbles and drift-wood from beaches; brass Alladdin lamp. Cactii, pebbles and drift-wood are art when they are ornaments.
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    Apr 12 2014: .
    Art is the thing that let us have a-big-step-better feeling
    for keeping our DNA alive.
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    Apr 10 2014: I like pieces that motivate me to try something artistic myself.

    There are certain pieces where you can't help but want to go straight to the nearest art supply shop and pick up fresh paint brushes, sketch paper, or clay. Art is something you feel good about doing because it helps you get something out that was stuck inside. Art for me is representative of all the things going on inside that language doesn't have words to describe.

    Art can be anything you want it to be which is the beauty of something as undefined and unconfined as art. It's one of the few things in society that hardly has a single rule and no one can ever tell you you're doing it wrong. Any way you choose to do it is the right way.