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Does University and Art go together?

As a Graphic Communication / Illustration student I have been struggling with the whole idea of it being 'taught' at University.


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  • Apr 15 2014: Well having seen my sister take an art course i gotta say yes. Somehow i find it hard to believe youll find techniques on the street.
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      Apr 15 2014: Did she study at an art specific college, or a University? (I'm from the UK and I am not sure where you're from so I was wondering if it's different around the world)
      • Apr 16 2014: She studied at mercy college in Newyork. What im saying is your allready born with your unique style no one and nothing can copy or take that away from you. Yes the techniques are from ppl in our history or today, but would it be any different if you were inspired from a book at the library. Colleges and universities focus on the skills that was golrified by artist of the past gennerally intelligent people that figured things out before we discovered them. Your not suppose to copy noooo. Your suppose to look at what theyve done and figure how that applies to your artform. I wouldnt know anything about crosshatching shading or how to measure and draw a room if a teacher didnt teach me in high school.Your just expanding knowlage not making someone elses craft yours.
      • Apr 16 2014: Ohh annother thing i used to copy i mean draw not trace artist work all the time. The craziest thing is that no matter how much the drawing resembled the person or drawing a line was allways off. That line thats crookid was me its who i am it will never be like anyone or anything else no matter how hard i try. Thats art discovering yourself. Hey remember thats your job everytime you walk into the art class good luck chin up big smiles

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