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What if we could see in mathematical patterns?

What is a single Idea that would encompass the entirety of mathematics to which we could use to translate all sensory data? Does one even exist? and How would we even recognize it if we saw it today?

If we can agree that we can create/define everything using Pi, Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio; then I propose a simple stepping stone.

I propose Pi and we look for patterns in rows with only one step variation assuming we understand numerical values up to 10 and document new patterns in columns when they start to appear. Lets use only the first 13 digits in Pi to keep things simple...


We start with nothing because we do not know what the point is at this moment in time.

03 Number exceeds one step so we drop the three below the zero because we have no base reference yet and test the next number after 3.

3 Here we have a pattern of one numerical step so we test then next number.

014 NOPE so we drop it to the next row since we are still looking for the pattern for the 3.

34 I think we get the point so I will jump forward with the complete 13th decimal.


The top row is the Fibonacci Sequence; the second is single step counting and the others are yet to explain themselves. We are lacking the Golden ration of 1.61803 but we know the GRatio for 7 is 13 so let take a stab at finding the pattern within what we have.

Dark Matter or yin yan Every item has its opposite so why not GRatio?

01.61803 (REVERSED) 30819.10

WOW look what we found a beginning and ending patter that ignores the other laws previously described.


The Greek symbol for the Golden Ratio/Phi is literally a Zero with a One on top of it.


I can show more if others are interested. Basically I have been reverse engineering everything I know into this pattern to reduce my mental memory that folds into a single dot.


Closing Statement from Joshua Sisk

Information is as important as the idea it conveys. It does not matter if you ideas stems from one of science or religion both are part of the greater picture and the sooner we all come to terms with this the sooner we can move forward and decisively remove the issues we currently face.

It does not matter if pi hold secret to life if nobody is will to act. Talking just blows hot air in peoples faces. Be Brave and do something that is worth living for. The link provides a lot of information take your time and see what it holds because it really mean nothing from my stand point but may mean worlds to yours.

Thank you for your time and information consumption and good luck for your journey in life.