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Public University, and how to convince the private sector to pay for it!

Here in the U.S. higher education tends to be expencive, and diffiicult to attend for some people.

Sure, there are loans that most students take out to attend school, however this saddles the newly graduated student with massive debt and doesn't help them find gainful employment right away.

From my personal view, I have met many people whith Bachlor's degrees and associated debt working at places such as Pet-Co or wal-mart, places where their hard bought skills are left to decay, and take jobs from the uneducated.

What I propose is a public university, which provides quality education for free, or a reduced rate to all citizens.

Now, this being the US, the people are not want to have their taxes raised to send other people's children to school on their dime.

A possible solution would be to create an ecosystem where in students are drafted into employment in the private sector, based on whatever field is in demand. A university which teaches subjects most in demand in the private sector.
A rough outline of this plan follows.
Let's say we as a country are in need of electrical enginneers. The University advertises this fact and accepts X amount of students for a free education. The classes are paid for by private companies, looking to hire educated students into their ranks.
The students sign a contract, which simply states they become employees of the US for a set number for X number of years. The students can either be recycled back into the university as teachers and lectures, or hired out to private companies. These students would be paid a set wage for the length of their contract. This wage would allow the student worker to live comfortably, but not amass a great fortune. This would continie for the lenght of the contract.
After the contract is up, the student, now with a degree and work exp can set out on their own to search for employment, free from debt and with exp in the feild!

Any thoughts, opinions, arguments?

  • Apr 28 2011: if the private sector only funds classes relvant to them how would you fund would those subjects/studies which are not relevant to the industry?
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      Apr 29 2011: They wouldn't. However, there is a great need for qualified people in many, many fields. Mostly science and engineering programs.

      There is nothing wrong with that. Why should a corporation pay for someone to get an English degree?

      If a student wishes to go to school for english or a unfunded field, there would be nothing stopping them from paying for their education via more traditional means.

      The basic idea of this is more of a quick way to beef up our ranks of scientists, engineers, and more technical based fields. I'm not saying the softer sciences are not important, however they are not as vital to our country and society as say an electrical engineer.
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      Apr 27 2011: The way I picture it working is having the private sector fund the class and in return getting trained workers for a few years.

      An investment in a future work force.
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    Sky F

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    Apr 27 2011: I like it.