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How disruptive will large scale entrepernuership be as the world becomes more interconnected?

In todays world, there are changes happening every single day. The word disruptive is commonly thrown around the tech community, but I doubt we have true scope of what changes the interconnectivity of all of us will bring. I am curious how the global GDP will be distributed as the developing nations move into the spotlight.

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    Apr 9 2014: i think it's vital to look to the past, before the centre of production moved from the home.

    bigger is not better, for our future. smaller (with modern connectivity) is the way forward
  • Apr 13 2014: I am somewhat confused by the term entrepreneurship. If following disruptive technologies you will find a bell curve of innovators-early adopters-early majority-late majority-laggards. Some countries like France are trying to make up for lost innovations in several industries by creating more robust business incubator developments. China also wants to move from being a late majority culture to its current status as an early adopter to being an innovator. Brazil is probably closest to being an innovator but has a majority of it's population in late majority or laggard category. That hasn't stopped it from innovating. Android is the leading open source software installed on the majority of phones which has the power of a personal computer. Linex was suppose to be that open source code but with PC's becoming obsolete it missed the opportunity and didn't have a world class corporate base to make it attractive. Entrepreneurship is about having some skin in the game. As you see how the U.S. has lost a great deal of mfg base but gaining back processes after factors of higher wages and the logistics to move the product. Developing countries are also contributing to business processes by discouraging piracy, or counterfeit products, and encouraging clean environments, which is the skin in the game for them to experience the benefits of first world market advantages.