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The benifits of Accelerators within the Startup Community? Who do you trust?

The startup community has been moving quickly lately, and naturally within any industry, there will be supportive companies attempting to assit these companies in their endeavors. The issue is, are these Accelerators and Incubators there to help the company succeed for the sake of the company? Or is it completely figure based? If you were to build a startup, would you join an accelerator? Would you trust them ?

  • Apr 13 2014: Joseph

    I was not quite sure what a start up community was or the accelerators you mentioned, so I did some research. I am a retired businessman with two small successful companies to my credit,
    I would not be involved, based on what I have researched, with such a scheme. There are to many cute buzz words used, which is always a red flag and it would appear a great deal of control, not just in the business organization, but to a political correctness and mandate.
    There are many co-ops that are successful, primarily in agriculture, but these are people who are severely focused and vested, not only, in terms of dollars, but their way of life.
    Perhaps, there are benefits that I missed, but I do not see this as private enterprise, more to a malformed mutant contortion of capitalism or a scam, which are synonymous.
  • Apr 13 2014: Open Source media has forced traditional product development corporations into being proactive for the next big hit. You can't just wait for the client to come to you. You now have to recruit them and offer the protections as if it was your product being developed. As a pass through shop the incubator or accelerator must include competence in it's platform and outreach. Cities started trying to emulate the Silicon Valley model by providing business space and some grant money but the best trend to market a new product is to introduce it to persons who innovate. My experience has been to follow a startup from beginning to maturity with the downsides and upsides. I think to answer your question the accelerators are there to help themselves succeed and that helps others yet to innovate to succeed. Ideas are everywhere, just an ounce of inspiration and a pound of perspiration. by Someone Famous
    • Apr 15 2014: "I think to answer your question the accelerators are there to help themselves succeed and that helps others yet to innovate to succeed."

      Accelerators and Incubators are themselves a business entity. Last week I saw an ad of an accelerator inviting ideas and entrepreneurs. And when I visited their site there I came know that to get admission in the accelerator an entrepreneur has to spend Rs 15,00,000. Now the question is if an entrepreneur would have such an amount then why would he go to the accelerator.

      Some people have made Entrepreneurship as the right of only Elite Class and making it costly just like Education.