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Utopian society

Why is it that, we have everything we need to live in a utopian like WORLD , but we choose to lead this world to destruction, why can any single 1 person say anything negative about taking steps towards utopian status. And what are some steps towards achieving this goal, something big needs to happen , I want to avoid a scenario where we would need to kill the big nasty power players. But part of me feels , that they would NEVER EVER have this mindset , let alone set aside their crazy power egos they have to work together to make it happen, I'm not worried about the few of society who are Nast and have no morals, their is more genuinely good people than their are truley evil people, we have to tap into thoes people , and make that the majority , and the rest will follow suit, and thoes who don't , will easily be handled by the majority... Any thoughts??

  • May 24 2014: 7 billion people suffer from mistaken identity.....we are not the individuals we think ourselves to be.
  • Apr 26 2014: People get bored. Males get more bored than females. The young get more bored than the old. The average person is getting older and wiser because of decreasing birth rate, increasing longevity and exponential spread of ideas. Utopia is coming.