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It is everyone's responsibility

If everyone is responsible within their town or neighborhood to compassionate each other with what and how they can, not necessarliy giving away money but can be by directing to right path or share something we can.

Also to understand why people beg on the pathway or in public. if everyone can talk to each time a beggar walks towards us, to know the route course of their real problem. by doing this, first we will be able to eliminate the fake beggars and get to know the real people who are in need. Rather if we just give away few cents and walk away, we will create more beggars unknowingly.

i was just thinking as to how we really can eradicate poverty and i found few ideas as i mentioned above. I need more of your valuable inputs, so that we all can share and create a world that has no poverty.

  • Apr 7 2014: Where does our compassion, loyalty and duty begin and where does it end? Does it start with myself and does it end with all humanity or even all life on earth? Does it becomes more vague with every larger scale; me, my children, my family, friends, colleges, community, city, state, nation, ethnic and culture belonging, human kind, all life on earth? Does it include heritage, future legacy or only valid for the now living?

    I guess we are guided by both emotions and reason. But is the balance right and can we do better with another balance?
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      Apr 8 2014: Good questions Hans!
      I believe my responsibility starts with my "self", and for each individual, his/her focus and circumstances may determine how narrow or wide one feels a responsibility?

      Although I am aware of challenges in our world, I am also aware that I personally do not have much influence with world leaders.

      I feel a responsibility to contribute to balance in the tiny corner of the world I occupy, and I believe if each and everyone of us felt that responsibility, it might contribute to balancing the whole.....consider the butterfly effect, or the ripple effect:>)

      I believe we can contribute to balance at any time and place, in any moment, and there is always another level of balance, because as we learn, grow and evolve, there may be more and different things to balance?
      • Apr 10 2014: "I believe we can contribute to balance at any time and place, in any moment, and there is always another level of balance, because as we learn, grow and evolve, there may be more and different things to balance?" Wow!
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          Apr 13 2014: Hello Rodrigo:>)

          Yes, I believe there is always an opportunity to balance ourselves, and the world. I believe there is an interconnecting energy running through us and everything in our world, which is the energy we can use to help balance.....mindful awareness helps with the process:>)
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    Apr 7 2014: I used to think that all people had the same beginning, and that each one's place in society was the result of one's own choosing. I have since realized how false that thinking was. Some are born with hidden talent, some are born with deficiencies. To judge one by their state in life is premature. We must get to know them first. Walk a mile in their shoes before you judge.

    You are right, you can't just give away money to the beggars. You must first understand how they got that way. I have gotten to know a few people on government charity and realized that they were in need of a mentor. By getting to know them, I was able to help them become more responsible. It is a slow process, and the best you can do in some instances is to lead them to the help that they need. Knowing where they can get that help is often what is missing.

    Many parents learn this about their own children. They see the ones who excel in school and the ones that struggle to make the grade. They put more pressure on the ones that they know can succeed, and offer more help to the ones that need it. They understand that not all people are born equal. We as citizens, must learn to do the same for our fellow citizens. Until we know the root cause of their problem, as you say, we cannot offer help that will be sustainable in the future. It requires empathy and compassion in getting to know them first. Only then can we chart a course to help them improve their situation. At least you care enough to raise the question.
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    Apr 3 2014: In other words, there is a saying:

    “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.”
    - Chinese Proverb -
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      Apr 6 2014: never will God change the condition of a people until they change it themselves.
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    Apr 15 2014: Mohamed, your topic is timeless, but the solutions to these disasters we create are hidden in our own actions, as individuals and as groups. I published a couple of similar topics myself some months ago. I'd like to read your conversation thread further.. Talk to you soon.

    Thank you.
  • Apr 14 2014: "we all can share and create a world that has no poverty."

    A world like that has nothing to teach us. We are here to learn to become better, and more loving people. If everyone has what they want and how much they want.... then what??
    Besides, it will never happen because anyone having 1 million$$ will try to get 2 million. Anyone using 1 spoon of sugar will end up using double that.

    We should help people to help themselves. Anything we get for free is worthless.
  • Apr 10 2014: My opinion is:
    Poverty can easily be eradicated, if we eat only to live rather Live to eat.

    Beggars are there, because the system (Us) creates.

    When we over use resources (Over eat, Drink alcohol which uses drinking water, smoke which uses paper and other natural resources, drink and eat unnecessary items which devoids others from eating basic needs) just because we earn , leads to depreciation and scarcity of resources.
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    Apr 6 2014: There is an essential truth that we all need to realize: that we are all in this together; that all beings are intimately and inextricably interconnected and interdependent.

    When a person realizes this, there is an irresistible call to be merciful and compassionate to all beings, to treat others as one would like to be treated by others, to wish for others what we wish for ourselves. This "Golden Rule," this Universal Law of Reciprocal Maintenance is an essential aspect of all spiritual, religious and philosophical paths:

    This is a manifestation of the realization of Love. It is Love that draws us together and unites us through an awareness that what we share in common is more significant than all of the differences that distinguish one from another. It is only our lack of awareness of this that creates the shadow of fear that divides and separates us.

    We each have the capacity to Love our self and to Love each and every other being. We need to learn how to listen within to the voice of the Heart, and to exercise this capacity for Love. Our personal fulfillment and the survival of our species depend upon us doing this. This is our challenge, our opportunity, our responsibility...
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    Apr 6 2014: A lot of the issues related to poverty start in childhood.

    There's too much of a stigma involved when it comes to interfering with other people's children. Society has taught us to fear stepping in and doing anything that could be misinterpreted.

    The evidence in the form of poor performance in school, behavioral issues, trouble with the law, any form of substance abuse should set off a stream of responsible adults stepping in to offer assistance and support.

    The system we have in place for circumstances like this is broken and causes these struggling children to get lost in a sea of bureaucracy.

    Affecting positive change in an effort to alleviate the ongoing issue of poverty would be more effective if caught early on.
  • Apr 4 2014: Mohamed

    Jobs and working those jobs eradicate poverty. Needless to say that for whatever reason some people will need help regardless of available employment. Some for good reasons, some not. There must be however an expectation to work and to self reliance. There cannot be an atmosphere of victim hood due to race, culture or gender, as this, as is evidenced, creates massive dependence on others, via forced tax, massive government bureaucracy and an o woe is me mentality.
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    Apr 3 2014: The first-step to being charitable is not to need charity, after and only after self-reliance is achieved can a person properly focus on helping others.

    Sadly in the US self-reliance is highly discouraged, and as a result over 50% are on government charity. This really bothers me because I work hard every day to stay healthy enough to maintain my self-reliance, yet because I’m forced to pay for healthier government free loaders I can’t save properly so I can stay self-reliant.

    The primal side of me says lets punish the fake-beggars/free-loaders, but I’m for a more noble approach and say let’s reward and encourage self-reliance.
    I believe every child is born noble and should be encourage to live by the 9 noble virtues; (Courage, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self-Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverance and Truth) by their family, schools, and government.
    Also governments could help, by giving tax credits for self-reliance. For example having kids give people a tax credit, so don’t the working handicap get a tax credit for contributing to the system instead of being a drain on it.

    For those who gone/earned beyond self-reliance, may I suggest this TED talk.
  • Apr 3 2014: The Dalai Lama had this to say about that: "If you can help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them" and also this: “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion”
    and I say: "Kindness is the best Currency"
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    W. Ying

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    Apr 3 2014: .
    Quit all invalid happiness.
    Then, save about 90% resources.
    And poverty disappears easily.
    • Apr 4 2014: "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves."