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How does one find their place in the world?

I am a classic INTP; I have been told that I am bright and creative but I also have the characteristic lack of decisiveness and organization that comes with being INTP. I read deeply and analyze everything but cannot complete a task to save my life. As I grow older I am increasingly driven mad by this... I have over 130 college credit hours and no degree. I work in an industry that is entirely unsuited for me and yet I stay put due to fear of unemployment.

Are there any other INTP's out there that can help me sort out the mess in my head? I want to make a difference in the world... but I am afraid the hard sciences are a bit too detail orientated for me. Personality guides suggest I have strong intrapersonal intelligence and yet the practical side of me fears to spend money getting a degree that will not yield a job immediately after college.

Somehow I fear I will be asking these questions well into my 70's... (I am 37).



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    Apr 17 2014: Wikipedia says that intp is quiet, thoughtful, and analytical. Is it really good to be that way? No matter what great idea you come up with, isn't it only going to mean something if you communicate it, meaning not be entirely quiet?
    • Apr 17 2014: Ahh, but you miss the crux of the equation... one does not choose their personality. I communicate quite effectively amongst a group of friends or family members. I have even found an affinity for public speaking when I am viewed as being the expert on a particular subject matter. I have always found myself to acquire a fascinating reputation: That of the human encyclopedia. My problem lies more in the decision making sphere... I like far too many things and cannot harness the willpower to pursue any of them for any real length of time. As I get older this becomes less and less endearing and more and more terrifying.
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        Apr 17 2014: paul, you say you cannot complete a task to save your life, yet apparently you are successfully employed (whether the industry is right for you or not)? To be successfully employed you have to complete not just a few, but many tasks, do you not?

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