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If you hear about a story that would interest the media, tell them.

Often I hear about stories that I think would be interesting on a radio show, or television, or newspaper, so, on a volunteer basis, I contact media and tell them about the story. For example, I visited a couple of auto repair shops in my hometown that had really cool lobbies with models of racing cars, racing memorabilia, and so on, so I sent an email to my local newspaper and told them about it, thinking they might do a story about them. I also talked recently with a whipping cream company that is a billion-dollar company but is headquartered in a town of 800 people! That seemed interesting, so I contacted National Public Radio, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today (via their websites), and told them about the company (Organic Valley), thinking that could be an interesting story for them. It is a good way to have some influence on the media, plus you also learn some things about media into the bargain.

Also, if you do something that might interest media, let them know. For example, when I create and put up a YouTube video with an interesting idea or experience I've had, I might send a note to the Los Angeles Times (my hometown, Glendale, California, is on the north edge of Los Angeles) and to a couple of radio programs I know (besides possibly turning the idea into a TED conversation.)

Another interesting thing to do is to suggest guests to shows you watch or listen to. I just sent an email (via Howard's website) to Howard Stern's show on Sirius naming some people I'd like to see on as guests.

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    Apr 22 2014: Hey Greg, Nice topic :) I think that the most important story media shall tell everyone is about their own jobs - about their outrageous ignorance in history of the world, very basic (non-popularized) scientific knowledge, while missing ethics in promoting "shocking" news, and while focusing on half literate or entirely illiterate people.

    Also it would be good to hear soem stories about how some rare somewhat knowledgeable journalists and commentators survive in that media-super-loud mess.

    Media must explain how they would improve their recycling, clownish mentality by educating themselves in every field they have to deal with - for instance, general psychology and mass psychosis in which we live. They must learn about ethics, non-popularized sciences, and do their best to promote sound entrepreneurship and independent small enterprises/manufacturers/ organic farmers that can actually PRODUCE great varieties of goods, food and services actively
    replacing industrial mass-madness by meaningful, diverse, sustainable societies. It's just a short list..

    Media shall serve and interact the most intelligent, soundly productive and creative audience - this is the only way to change for the better. Everyone will follow.

    Maybe then I'd be watching TV without Dizziness and Nausea .(no fast jumps from one loud stupidity to another in a super speed)

    Thank you for the opportunity to talk in this very direction.
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      Apr 22 2014: do you ever contact media to promote your agenda? You could send these thoughts to newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and so on. Or do you know of specific stories that are in line with your point of view? What are the stories? You could inform media outlets that I just mentioned of the specific stories so that they would then cover them.
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        Apr 22 2014: If I only could I'd create a whole new network "Media on Media" and "GOOD NEWS"

        (but there is no way - I've no serious money to invest, besides no one would know how to handle this pioneering kind of network, but only little me .)
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          Apr 22 2014: right, but you're not motivated to contact existing media and tell them your ideas about how they should report, or tell them about stories they could report?

          What again is your organization, Vera? What does the organization do? I wonder if your organization itself could be a story for some media outlet, maybe a newspaper would do a story on your organization, or a radio or TV station would do a story on your organization?