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Abolishing different political parties withing the U.S. government

Why can't the government just have one central idea? Sure, most individuals will have outlying ideas on one political party but, it seems to me that a good majority of politicians have the exact same basic ideals for the way things should be run. Why complicate things? It's my belief that no one form of government should be better the other.

With one political party, it wouldn't just be half of the country getting what they want. Isn't it the American Dream to be happy and free? Not "half free" because our outlook on the way things should be run and dealt with are just a tad bit different.

Please give me your feedback/opinions and any improvements to this idea.

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    Apr 27 2011: 2 parties is too complicated for you? The grocery store must be mind boggeling!
    What you describing seems to be a dictatorship? No thanks. It's bad enough we only have two parties to vote with.

    Less choice means less freedom. Just imagine if this one party began to pass laws that you disagreed with? What could you do? You couldn't vote for a opposing viewpoint because there would be none!

    We should have way more parties, or abolish parties completly and have everyone run on their individual merits and platforms, instead of confroming to party retoric. With parties we have groups of people whom confrom to a party platfrom and nothing else. If we have one party we are stuck with that platform and nothing else.

    Why would you want to sacrifice your freedom for a uncomplicated world?
  • Apr 29 2011: That assumes a cooperative system. I think what you're talking about is how sickening it is that the two parties spend so much of their time insulting each other's ideas rather than focusing on making a better country. Game theory has proven time and time again that most people will choose the selfish power-grab option over the cooperative trust-based solution. It's where expressions like "Power corrupts" come from. Rather than getting rid of the political party system, it would be better to standardize positions in clear, simple, straightforward terms, on the ballot, in the news, and in congress itself.
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    Apr 27 2011: we SHOULD have a clear cut third party. but we dont. yet.