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Black Hole

Are there chances that Black Holes are "Mass That spins faster than the speed of light" because of which even light does not escape due to huge gravitational field {Sucker effect} created out of that spin?

Maybe All that which is sucked exits via the white holes.

Because, nothing can be destroyed without a trace in this universe, rather they be existing in someother form.

  • Apr 10 2014: A problem I have been finding with white holes on the other end of black holes is
    1. How do black holes form when the matter is going straight through holes in the fabric of space- time?
    2. How would black holes like the one in almost every single galaxy "live" for so long?

    I do believe in spin being a major factor in the birth and life of a black holes. Where it becomes tricky is what scenario do you believe in? Do you believe that everything is recycled including galaxies, or that eventually the universe will eventually cool to a point where there is no active energy left(stars), or does our universe eventually restart? I have many more ideas on subject, but back to your question. My theory is that our universe is slowly recycling itself by means of black holes. Yes, this sounds like an oxymoron, but for black holes to exist, you'd imagine there is a certain balance in forces acting upon it. Sounds crazy with the premise of black holes being massive objects loose to their own gravity in which they fall down their own gravitational well. But they still have laws. They spin, they have very strong gravitational force. With such great force, if something were to effect the spin of the singularity inside the black hole or the black hole funnel then it could throw off the whole balance of the system. This incase would make the gravitational pull become erratic momentarily and the contents would jump out of the black hole similar to a spring that was recoiled and released. This in a sense would be a white hole. With this the contents are now free to reform into stars and solar systems. And so the cycle continues.

    If you believe in parallel universes then the rules are totally different then.
  • Apr 14 2014: Do black holes really exists ? Because there is a controversy over that.
    • Apr 14 2014: I agree, The idea behind this conversation is If it exist. Also, More on the time travel concept, Which i believe is impossible as an attempt like that would result in the creation of a blackhole.
  • Apr 12 2014: @Thomas,
    By spin , I meant, "Spin which is faster than the speed of light" because of which any mass entering into it might disintegrate and come out of the white hole as Light.

    In other words, Any mass spinning at a speed faster than the speed of light might become a black hole.