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How do US citizens feel when foreign bloggers and journos write about the ills of America?

I am a fan of Jackie Chan but I criticized him for criticizing the US when he doesn't do it with his own China.

Some Americans criticize me in blogs and forums for doing that. Why do I write about the ills of America? Because US might still be the most powerful nation and almost anything it do affects the whole world. I do it not to criticize to condemn but because I care about its citizens which some are my dear relatives and friends.

Actually, I'm virtually not writing about the US dark side. Most of what I 'write' are from American activists which I curate. The links on my posts are evidence of that if you will check.

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    Apr 13 2014: I am a fan of Jackie Chan but I criticized him for criticizing the US when he doesn't do it with his own China.
  • Apr 12 2014: Well, when it isn't filtered like it is here, Americans hate when forigners speak about the US... Trust me as this is something that I do often.

    They generally ignore all science and go by personal examples to demonstrate that this isn't true. They're unaware of the atrocities that their country commit and refuse to see it.

    I think that this is mainly due to the Pledge of Allegiance, a system of brainwashing that start in the first day of school where they all pledge allegiance to the country, the flag and god. You are of course free to not participate, but you're not told that right and everybody stands and holds their chest so you do the same.
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      Apr 12 2014: And I doubt if foreigners filter their rants against US governance when they rant.
      The Occupy Wall Street movement spread out like fire yet Americans remained apathetic. Maybe that's proof that most refuse to see the bad side.

      But I still wonder how many is still true to the Pledge of Allegiance. Schools in my country also do our Pledge and brainwashing by patriotic school songs. Here, participation is enforced at least only by teachers.
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    Apr 11 2014: Poch, Well Poch the sad news is that we in the USA have to get our news from somewhere ... we aren't getting it from the media here except for FOX and that is a cuss word for the Administration.

    Sadly I spend much of my time watching BBC, RT, China Today, and the local networks so that I can get a balance. I have such a low opinion of the US media that I must seek outside sources and then try to evaluate it from what I can put together from various sources.

    So, Poch, I for one wish to thank you for providing a snap shot for me to evaluate and make my own decisions from. The people who do not think we in the USA have problems are either misinformed sheeple or Ostriches with their heads buried.

    You have stopped to smell the roses ... those who condem you cannot even smell the manure they are shoveling.

    Be well my friend. Bob.
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      Apr 12 2014: lol That's one reason why I wonder about those citizens who gripe about foreigners exposing the bad side of US. Many of you don't have faith on your local media anymore.
      You just made my day again Bob. Now I feel that I don't waste my time providing real news about your great country. Thank you sir.
    • Apr 12 2014: Bob,

      FOX is among the worst news sites there is and Bill O'Riley is one of it's champions in spreading misinformation.

      Here's the former president speaking about it.

      Here's an article that proves that only 28% of the information presented about climate change is accurate.

      And here's a bunch more:




      I could go on forever but I have to go to work. You've been conned my friend, along with much of America.
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        Apr 12 2014: Dorian, I do not rely on FOX as I expressed. I certainly do not rely on these aligned with the administration either .. that is why I watch so many others. I do this to keep from being conned. Do you exclude FOX from your viewing? Don't know about Bill O'Riley is he a local talking head? My FOX and all the others are out of Phoenix, AZ. I am not all that fond of Russia Today (RT) but I hear things that others omit ... just another part of the puzzle. BBC is really about center ... not always but most of the time. Most of the USA news agencies ABC, NBC, CBS are press release centers from the White House (My opinion) and as I watch I get the same input from all three.

        In summary I do not rely on any one as I expressed .. but a combination to arrive at my decision.

        Thanks for the reply. Bob.
        • Apr 12 2014: Sorry, I misunderstood you there Bob.

          It's good to have as many sources as possible, but at the same time some are more prestigious and well informed than others.

          I do look at FOX occasionally, but it's certainly not one of my main sources.

          Some of the best news in the world according to me come from The Guardian, Al Jazeera, The Washington Post, BBC and Huntington Post to mention a few.

          But I much prefer the science and statistics over sensationalized news, so I go a lot by Nature, Science, UN reports and all kinds of human-rights organisations.
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    Apr 11 2014: i don't mind, if it's valid criticism i can learn from it, and if it's not i can just turn the page?
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      Apr 11 2014: Now that's the wisest reply I ever got from you Greg. Thanks.
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        Apr 11 2014: now how would you feel if someone criticized the phillipines?
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          Apr 12 2014: I would be very, very grateful if the criticism is true! Most probably, the reason why more than 90% of my online followers are foreigners is that because my fellow countrymen can't stomach my harsh criticism of my own country. And most would rather hear news about celebs and gossips.
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    Apr 19 2014: Feel grateful :)
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      Apr 19 2014: I'm glad you do Vera whatever you're grateful for :-D
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        Apr 19 2014: I feel I have a prevelage because i was born in Brussels and lived in a few different countries - can compare different mentality, cultures, and the degree of neasightedness.. I chose to be an American citizen. Happy Holidays :)
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          Apr 19 2014: A rare privilege which anyone should be grateful for indeed. So how would you grade the governance of Brussels? Is it as clean as Sweden's?
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        Apr 19 2014: Oh Dear! Nothing is clean in our society of intellectual human concoctions!! However, Compared to the Soviet and post-Soviet Russia (I somehow understand and speak russian) none of the European countries are so helplessly psychotic and sickly arrogant.

        The worst of the worst case is when people have been trapped for ages in their own smelly bog, and when they suddenly have had a chance to get out they do not know who they are and what to do with themselves. That is why they try to use the same old "methods" in new situations.. things do not work that way.

        They do not have any clue about what their free choices are because they have no experience. No clue about basic ethics in business, no cultural knowledge (but a lot of pretentious pride that they "know" culture), lack of elementary skills to do useful productive work, no idea about any sound structures whether economical, educational, healthcare; absolutely no political experience in interacting with the world (see that tiny Putin figure sitting inside the huge balloon of his arrogance)

        So far I do not follow very closely what is happening in Belgium - I was happy when they eventually agreed to combine two cultural parts in one (and both languages are officially used, French and Dutch) They call it the Kingdom of Belgium - it is a federal monarchy in Western Europe. Lately Belgium managed to recover economically, and in some points is ahead of the rest of Europe - it's hard to believe!

        I know for sure I'm not going to live in Europe - it is now too crowded, wide open to all sorts of violent and ignorant aliens, because the Governments feed them in return to that violent/religious attitude and often ugly "deeds". I wholeheartedly disagree with European laws regarding questinable help to questionable emigration.

        The "old sweet Europe" I've memorized in my early childhood is gone. gone, gone.. at the present time it looks like a huge museum to me - and people are mostly visitors.
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          Apr 19 2014: So I now discover another of your talents: political analytics. I would gladly endorse you at LinkedIn as a political analyst.

          The upside about Russia is that it's an equalizer against the abuses of other superpowers. I rather like lambasting China and Korea---including their citizens---for being inhuman even to their own.

          I'm glad about your good news on Belgium. And speaking of Europe, you wouldn't believe what activists are reporting about UK. Some even say that US is under their control.

          Great story about your "old sweet Europe". It sounds like an intro to a great essay. Why don't you indeed make it an essay?
          You made my day again dear Vera.
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        Apr 20 2014: I did, dear soul :) Cheers!
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    Apr 18 2014: America has enough Americans freely criticizing America. What other countries need is their citizens free and safe enough to criticize their own country.

    Whatever one say about America, it is still the "go to" country when serious problems need solutions; whether it is about a continent where millions of its residents are dying of malnutrition, AIDS and other serious diseases, a missing airplane, a huge tsunami, a nuclear reactor disaster, a devastating typhoon, a sunken ship, a civil war, or a stronger country invading its smaller and weaker neighbor.

    “Never overestimate your power to change others. Never underestimate your power to change yourself." Jackson Brown Jr.

    "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? Matthew 7:3
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      Apr 18 2014: I think it's more effective when foreigners criticize other countries so I think it should be done. I have criticized my own so much most of our local media are blocking me or have blacklisted me.

      We once had a President that rejected help from the US. He got impeached by corrupt candidates who got elected later!

      Matt. 7.3 doesn't apply to me amigo. My reply just explained why.
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        Apr 19 2014: When every citizen is busy studying, working, and making positive contribution to the community, there will be very little to criticize about.
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          Apr 19 2014: The problem is there are always crooked officials making problems---including unemployment--- for citizens everywhere. So there are always something to criticize whether you like to or not.
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        Apr 20 2014: Poch, before a crooked politician became a crooked politician he/she was a crooked citizen. Who voted for the crooked candidate who became a crooked politician who was a crooked citizen?
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          Apr 20 2014: Who said there were no corrupt citizens? In fact, corruption thrives because of apathetic citizens. And apathetic citizens don't criticize anything and accept everything as they come.
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    Apr 14 2014: Actually, I'm virtually not writing about the US dark side. Most of what I 'write' are from American activists which I curate. The links on my posts are evidence of that if you will check.
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    Apr 13 2014: If what is in this news happened with the US, it will surely be published worldwide. But I only knew about this because my fellow activist informed me. If Canada's mischiefs are always in worldwide news, then I would write about it like I do with the US.

    'When all 7,000 of us banded together and called on Canada to take their trash back, we did not only catch the media’s attention, thousands of people in Canada have actually joined and stood behind our call. In fact, of the 18,000 signers, more than 10,000 are Canadians.'

    Well, at least there are many sane Canadians who do not tolerate bad things their government do and we should be grateful to them.
  • Apr 13 2014: Poch,

    I tend to ignore them because they are usually based on false assumptions. I was amazed in Germany I found something called a Hawaiian Toast which no one in Hawaii has ever tasted or cooked. 8>))
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      Apr 13 2014: Well, ignoring them is not bad like criticizing a writer even when writer's rant is not assumption.

      lol what happened in Germany is commonplace around the world. Great example Wayne.
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    Apr 12 2014: On the lighter side...
    5 Oddly Specific Lies We Believe About Foreigners
    1. They Live Like They Do on Television
    What if the world believes what they see on US TV including news?