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How should we Americans disassemble our new National Security State?

Our new post- 9/11 National Security State, with over 1,900 new “Homeland Security” agencies and private contractor companies and more than 17,000 secret spy centers inside the US, was created by our leaders, not by us. How can we disassemble it?

This 55-minute "Top Secret America" PBS FRONTLINE program will be more than most of you will want to explore, though students of the Constitution and Bill of Rights will certainly find it all interesting and frightening.

Much of the film explores the history of our new National Security State, most of which was planned long before the terror attacks of 9/11/2001. But if you want to see what it actually consists of, there are two parts of the film that show that best. Fast forward to these segments:

27.5 minutes to 32 minutes

44.5 minutes until the end


Transcript of FRONTLINE Top Secret America


“as the physicians say it happens in hectic fever, that in the beginning of the malady it is easy to cure but difficult to detect, but in the course of time, not having been either detected or treated in the beginning, it becomes easy to detect but difficult to cure”
― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince


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