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Can we make spiders do 3D printing?

Why spiders? They produce an organic material that's stronger than steel. Spiders can transform a protein material to silk string.


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    Apr 7 2014: Sure you can, but it will not be alive, let alone producing silk.
    However, scientists found ways to genetically modify a goat so it produces spider silk protein.
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      Apr 7 2014: Hello Harald. That's good news but what about recycling silk?. The idea of "innovation from zero".

      Spiders can produce huge amount of silk in tyne time.
      Spiders can make web in less 120 second. 20 times bigger than it size.

      A magnificent factory.
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        Apr 7 2014: I don't think that having spiders produce silk in any significant amount would be very efficient. Consider that milk contains about 3 % of protein. So if a goat (or another larger mammal) is genetically modified to produce this protein as silk protein it would be about 30 grams per liter milk Most likely one can even tweak the protein yield so the goat produces even more protein. You'd need a lot of spiders to produce this amount, let alone the need to keep and feed them as well. It's easier to keep and feed one goat instead of thousands of spiders.
        In addition separating the protein from milk is much easier than collecting 1000s or millions of spider webs.
        In any case, coming back to your initial question, you obviously cannot print a live spider on a 3D printer.
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          Apr 8 2014: Hello Harald. collecting spider webs why we need that my idea not to collecting spider webs, my idea is making spiders do printing 3D by their silk.
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      Apr 8 2014: I agree with Harald.

      The documentary on the spider-silk producing goats explains that the problem lies in the ecology of the spider: it is hardly possible to herd them... hence their GMO sollution.

      But with the parasites-talk (http://www.ted.com/talks/ed_yong_suicidal_wasps_zombie_roaches_and_other_tales_of_parasites),
      maybe there are perspectives to make very tame spiders that produce spider?
      They would be zombie spiders, or cyborg spiders
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        Apr 10 2014: Hello Christophe. yes what Harald said was correct but we need new way to making spiders printing 3D. I think in Genetic modification can make that possible.

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