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Can we make spiders do 3D printing?

Why spiders? They produce an organic material that's stronger than steel. Spiders can transform a protein material to silk string.


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    Mar 28 2014: Hello Bryan. Alzheimer's disease: isn't our brain having memories cells and a connection to get it, so this disease making a bad connection to that memo cells, which is a heated area in our brains to make it happen. That right if I'm wrong about it please correct me. Nice topic.
    • Mar 29 2014: Alzheimer's disease attacks connections that already exist. It damages several cell types, including those related to memory recall and formation. It has nothing to do with "heat". There is a breakdown in protein production, protein processing, lipids, preprogrammed cell death, and several other areas.
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        Mar 30 2014: Hello Bryan, that right the disease it's failure in cell or connection on even both, but when someone forgetting and remembering later that i meant before about heated area why because the heated area of brain it caused by physics a lot of Resistance that make electron hard to travel from cell to cell, that because of not remembering right now something but later when that heat became normal our memory return back. cool subject
        • Apr 2 2014: The breakdown isn't on that level of organization. It occurs at higher levels of organization, wherein heat and electron transfer "even out" over multiple reactions. That is, the physics-level reactions of the Alzheimer's brain is the same as that of the non-Alzheimer's brain. The problems occur at systems levels.

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