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Is there any legal precedence preventing a bank/Corporation from existing with the following structure? or is this Corporate personhood?

Suppose I'm someone capable of raising $1,000,000,000 (billion). Forbes reports 1,426 people in 2013.

I travel to a major U.S. city... Let's say Detroit, MI and recruit 1,000 people who are unemployed.
Eventually about 350 of these people will be employed directly by the company. These 350 people will be trained to best assist the other 650 people in many aspects of life.
First and foremost is to keep them gainfully employed by other companies, but at first it would pay the $10/hr wage directly to 1,000 employees.

They would be employed to assist in resume writing, preparing for interviews etc.
They would help their employees enroll in state and federal benefit programs.
They'd be provided a cell phone, which connected them to all employees, and had contacts which specialized in housing, transportation, counseling, or legal help. A small social network can be accessed only by an employee's phone. Open discussion forums exist, and ideas for the direction of the company are voted on regularly. If a petition receives enough signatures, it’s put up to a vote which closes when the votes have reached 90%-100% participation.
Micro-financing is also available as a perk to employment. Convince your fellow members its a good idea and they can fund it directly.

It would also function as a portal to your profile, where you're required to take a pre agreed upon courses in self-improvement

The greatest consequence an employee could receive is to be fired

Needs which the company cannot meet are supported by subcontractors

350 people employed at $10/hr to ensure peak employment at peak wages for 650.
650 are asked to do their best to remain employed by the outside company, report if they lose their job, and conduct all electronic deposits through company account. Wages from the 650 are lowered 50% and employees receive a debit card with the remaining balance.

Would this be legal?

  • Mar 27 2014: I do not see where the revenue is coming from. Are you charging the unemployed people to help them get a job and apply for benefits? If so, then I do not see how there would be issues. Half their income? Why would anyone agree to that?
  • Mar 29 2014: Steven, might you please flesh this out just a bit more for dummies like myself.
    The motives would help.
    Thank you.
  • Mar 26 2014: Consult an attorney in your state.
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    Mar 25 2014: This is not a great place for getting reliable legal advice. Further, the laws regarding corporations may vary by state.