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Responding to biased impressions of Muslims in western and other countries

People think that Pakistan is a country where you cannot get outside of your house. People think that that Muslims don't allow their citizen to get education. Islam allows you to get education not only allows you but urges to us to get education.

If you have any questions related this topic you can freely ask me and i will make you to believe that you have wrong impression of us.


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    Mar 30 2014: It is a place that we do not understand.

    "We went to Pakistan to invesitage why suicide bombings, IED use, and the Taliban are all growing at alarming rates.

    In a recent trip to Pakistan to report on the recent spike in the region's violence and bloodshed, Suroosh Alvi heard over and over the same sentiment from people on the ground: America's war on terror is falling flat on its face. The military conflict in neighboring Afghanistan, repeatedly cited by locals, sends a constant flood of guns, refugees, militants, and heroin flowing into Pakistan. Heroin is now actually cheaper than hashish in cities like Lahore, and the Kalashnikov culture, the foundation of which was laid 30 years ago when the CIA financed the mujahideen, is all-consuming. According to the Pakistanis he spoke to, it's all taken a devastating toll on the country and is creating the next generation of militants."

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