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Responding to biased impressions of Muslims in western and other countries

People think that Pakistan is a country where you cannot get outside of your house. People think that that Muslims don't allow their citizen to get education. Islam allows you to get education not only allows you but urges to us to get education.

If you have any questions related this topic you can freely ask me and i will make you to believe that you have wrong impression of us.


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    Mar 27 2014: Hi Salar
    Sharia law sends shivers down the spine of anyone used to the laws & practices of the "west". Any comment ?
    THEFT :-
    One punishment is imprisonment. Another is amputating (cutting off) the hands or feet.
    and if a married man or woman commit adultery the punishment should be 100 lashes and then stoning to death.
    APOSTASY :- (Converting to another religion)
    In most interpretations of Sharia, the punishment for apostasy is death.
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      Mar 27 2014: Peter, Sharia Law is not universally applied in Muslim countries (by that I mean countries where muslims are vast majority as population). In many countries it applies as personal statute of a Muslim.
      See this picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Use_of_Sharia_by_country.svg
      There is also something such as Cannon law.
      Most religious canonical texts are horrific to modern values. Sharia, Fiqh and Halakha are the most unpalatable.

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