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Changing the voice, tone, ballot access and campaign financing game utilizing online forums and crowd source funding.

Utilizing an online platform, candidates wishing to run for public office could spread their ideas and solutions for addressing pressing issues. Candidates would NOT be able to self identify with a party or ideology. They must present cogent ideas with supporting documentation. Voters would have the opportunity to ask questions. No use of sound bites is permitted. For any issue or problem presented there must be a possible solution presented. Trash talking equals expulsion from site.

A candidate wishing to explore being placed on the ballot would be able to have voters eligible to vote in the race read their positions and electronically sign their petitions. This overcomes the need for a large organization and allows a candidate to go viral for support. Utah and Nebraska are already utilizing this option. In some cases, the number of signatures needed for ballot placement of an independent candidate exceeds the number needed by a regular party candidate by 95%! Electronic signatures are easily verified,

Dark money from the Oligarchs has subverted our political process. The Citizens United decision of the activist Supreme Court took away the voice of the governed awarding it to those with most money and giving individual rights to a corporation allowing individuals to control the message of the PAC with impunity.

There's not much chance that campaign finance reform that creates a level playing field , eliminates trash talking, and encourages dialog and solutions will occur. So, we change the game. Utilizing an online Roman Forum format and crowd source funding. Meet, hear, contribute to your candidates. The FEC has approved bundling in this manner. A supporter who wishes, may endorse the candidate they believe in on the website. Unlike the use of the internet for typical solicitation of contributions, this places the voter in control and gives them options.

We change the game to one of information and empowerment, they can't play that game


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  • Mar 29 2014: The problem would be:
    1) How do you get buy-in from the existing powers, that gain much power from the existing party structure?

    2) People generally do not read the concise ballot summaries that are sent out. How are you going to get them to spend their Internets time doing things other than sharing lol cats?

    3) How does this prevent big money from flooding all forms of media with advertisement? Constitutional amendment limiting freedom of speech?

    4) How do you stop the troll swarm, paid and otherwise, from swarming the conversations? There is now a company advertising a "fix your online reputation" service that acts as a media department that swarms the web with positive comments and reviews of your company. Politicians surely do the same.
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      Mar 30 2014: In order to effect change it is important to acknowledge that at this juncture, the "power that be" are controlling the legislative process. So to even begin to think that law will be passed to level the playing field is a waste of time effort and energy. At this time the goal of the players is to impede the voting franchise and to create an environment conducive to a third world puppet government. The TERM LIMITS movement is being promoted and in many cases funded by them. It's one more diversionary tactic to give a citizenry locked into a victim mentality something to sink their teeth into that will never go anywhere, but gives them an illusion to pursue. Interestingly enough, what really would happen with term limits is to discourage individuals who desire to be in public service and engage in statesmanship from doing so. Further the Term Limits schema actually diminishes a citizens right to vote for the candidate of their choosing. In a free society you don't limit choices.

      Our Constitution contains term limits, they are called elections. If your official isn't doing their job representing you as you hired them to do, you can fire them. That's where we need to create more choice.
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      Mar 30 2014: Great questions!

      1) The point is we don't want or need buy in from the powers that be. It is impossible to win at their game. The goal is to create a game that they cannot play. In order for them to maintain power they must keep people from being engaged in the process and to continue to feel that there is nothing they can do about the problem. The party structure, through its intense influence on voting laws, has created an environment that makes it difficult for true independents or independent thinkers within a party from having ballot access. There are two primary impediments. First ballot access. More often than not more signature are required for the independent candidate than for the regular party candidate. In addition, the "new" or independent voice within the party is only tolerated, until, such as we have seen within the Republican Party, a supposed grassroots movements emerges. When the Koch Bros. et al who are fueling the Tea Party saw the dismay and disgust with the politics as usual they then focused their money on fueling the fire to change the dialog to their agenda. As you can see, buy in wasn't necessary.

      2) People don't read the concise ballot summaries because there really is no information. It's just more political mumbo jumbo filled with buzz words and and feel good personal info designed for an emotional response.

      I believe that the best way to transition from lol chats to interest in substance is through the use of video combined with the social media. Videos go viral quickly and steer to the site. The candidates should present themselves, their ideas, solutions, via video piece. A true meet the candidate. Combo feel good with substance. If a potential candidate isn't able to connect via video, the chance of them being a viable candidate is slim. Design and layout of website is also crucial. Must be VERY user friendly with great eye appeal.

      3) They will do what they will do.

      4) dialog reviewed before post

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