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Changing the voice, tone, ballot access and campaign financing game utilizing online forums and crowd source funding.

Utilizing an online platform, candidates wishing to run for public office could spread their ideas and solutions for addressing pressing issues. Candidates would NOT be able to self identify with a party or ideology. They must present cogent ideas with supporting documentation. Voters would have the opportunity to ask questions. No use of sound bites is permitted. For any issue or problem presented there must be a possible solution presented. Trash talking equals expulsion from site.

A candidate wishing to explore being placed on the ballot would be able to have voters eligible to vote in the race read their positions and electronically sign their petitions. This overcomes the need for a large organization and allows a candidate to go viral for support. Utah and Nebraska are already utilizing this option. In some cases, the number of signatures needed for ballot placement of an independent candidate exceeds the number needed by a regular party candidate by 95%! Electronic signatures are easily verified,

Dark money from the Oligarchs has subverted our political process. The Citizens United decision of the activist Supreme Court took away the voice of the governed awarding it to those with most money and giving individual rights to a corporation allowing individuals to control the message of the PAC with impunity.

There's not much chance that campaign finance reform that creates a level playing field , eliminates trash talking, and encourages dialog and solutions will occur. So, we change the game. Utilizing an online Roman Forum format and crowd source funding. Meet, hear, contribute to your candidates. The FEC has approved bundling in this manner. A supporter who wishes, may endorse the candidate they believe in on the website. Unlike the use of the internet for typical solicitation of contributions, this places the voter in control and gives them options.

We change the game to one of information and empowerment, they can't play that game


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    Mar 30 2014: Stacey, The real issue is that we have devised and accepted a elite class ... Politicians, contributors, lobbists, and a society that has become apathic.

    The good news is that a TED speaker told us that regardless of party affilation we are all mostly centeralists in thought and practice. The second piece of good news is that a report last week (in the Huffington Post) said that there is a giant surge in people now being identified as Independents ... and a strong lean to Liberiterian.

    The bad news is that no one likes to be told what to do, what to think ... even though they are all of the time .... they like to think it was their idea. Thus the problem ... we have a large group of sheeple.

    The major political issue is entitlements, bailouts, and political paybacks to big money ... not the health of the Republic ... strong economy .... employment ... diplomatic relations .... national debit ... all all of the other factors we lack education of in our public school systems ... because a informed society is a danger to the elite in power.

    What you speak of is old fashioned Grass Roots politics. What you need is numbers and a process of education to the real and pressing issues. This takes time more than money. It takes personal involvement. It is building one block at a time. Exposing the current practice and generating confidence in the Constitution and the process which made us the great Republic that we were just a few years ago.

    We are in deep doo doo ..... history has provided us examples such as Argintina in 1916 ... a leading world nation that went straight to socialism, Keynesian economiocs, and implementation of lots of social programs .... in one year they went from world leader to bankrupt and total recession and depression.

    A trip of a thousand miles begins with the first step ... for your plan that is involvement .... for each of us.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Mar 30 2014: Very well said. I do disagree with your assessment that too many have accepted the new ruling class. If real acceptance, there wouldn't be so much discontent across the board. A broad feeling of helplessness? Absolutely. Easy to counteract by not trying to beat them at their game. Create a new game they can't play.

      Sheeple, one of my favorite terms. I came to understand the reality that there are leaders and there are followers. Both are necessary for society to function. There is also a strong human need for community. Leaders seek like community, but don't have the need to self-identify. Followers need to self identify. We are making huge strides in that more and more people are starting to identify with independent. Interestingly is the trend for Libertarians to identify with being conservative, when in fact libertarian principles are extremely liberal. Here again we see the hijacking of language to harness a discontent group of liberals under the conservative banner. Independent thought needs to be the new trend. Which is why we need a forum for free thought to be expressed from any and all sides. The best answers and outcomes will always come with input from all sides.

      Yes this is about grassroots but with a 21st Century cyber-lawn. Time is now milliseconds. If people can't see the realities of the manipulation by now, it's because they don't choose to. The need to self -identify exceeds the need to understand. Therefore at this point, to continue to try to educate is ludicrous. It needs to become exciting to see what independents have to say. To realize that to be independent means to be able to identify with a much larger group of people. To hear ideas again and not pre-selected, market tested sound bite lines. We don't play their game any more.

      The power elite have controlled the issues discussed. Polling shows the issues being discussed are not the ones of greatest concern. This model can change that.

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