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Access to health care in rural Kenya

In Kenya, the poverty gap is quite huge and this leads to those living in the rural areas to have very scarce access to social amenities such as education and health care.

My idea is to enable those living in remote areas of the country to access healthcare by bringing medical camps to the areas and to eventually build little clinics. This will reduce deaths due to diseases in rural communities and will reduce the distance that pregnant women have to travel to deliver their babies. Also, training of local health care givers/ workers will enable better provision of healthcare.

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    Mar 27 2014: Vallery, have you read the work of Paul Farmer? He is the founder of Partners in Health and a professor at Harvard Medical School.

    Tracy Kidder write a book maybe twenty years ago about his work bringing clinics to the poorest, least accessible areas in Haiti and training the people there to provide primary health care services. The book is called something like Mountains upon Mountains.

    Farmer's most recent book, which I also recommend to you, is called Reimagining Global Health.