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Has anyone watched TED Talk by Dan Ariely on "Are we in control of our own decisions", I have an urgent query about that talk?

In the beginning of video Dan Ariely "Are we in control of our own decisions?" he shows us two tables on the slides, and he proves that both are equal in length by measuring them with scale, seconds later we are shown full-screen view of the slide, so I paused the video and tried to measure those two table on my laptop screen. I found out that that the table which was looking longer was really longer. I could not understand why Daniel said that both were same in length. If someone knows any explanation please answer. I will be very thankful to him.

As I am not fluent in English so pardon me for any mistakes in my writing.

  • Mar 31 2014: The answer to your question is the angle that you are viewing it at.

    From straight on, you are viewing the actual image. When the camera cuts to the audience, then cuts back, you are viewing from another camera that is way off to the side. Viewing from the side make it appear shorter that it actually is.

    Try this. Hold a piece of paper in front of you. Now rotate the left side toward you and the right side away from you. As you rotate, any image on the paper would appear harrower and harrower, until it disappears completely when you are looking at the paper form the edge.

    I tried it with an envelope with a stamp on it. I out my pinky finger on the left edge of the stamp. When looking face on, my finger covers half the stamp. I then rotate the paper away, leaving my finger in place, and soon the stamp disappears entirely behind my pinky finger.
    • Apr 1 2014: I agree with somewhat to your point, but if I watch the video on youtube and pause it when the screen is showing images of two tables only then the size of both tables are same. I have checked it twice on that link . Had it been the case of angle I would not have been getting same dimensions for tables.
  • Mar 28 2014: Thnks, I found out that it was due to the aspect ratio, actually I watched that video by downloading it to my Laptop and I have set the default aspect ratio at Cinemascope, so the confusion happened but when I watched the video on youtube, I found out that both tables are of same length.
    • Mar 31 2014: No, it is not aspect ratio. It is angle of observation.
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    Mar 28 2014: there is no concrete reason, its the idea of aspect ratio and ultimately the idea of relativity

    from what perspective do you observe? and from what perspective do measure? exponentially