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What should humanity's goal/s be?

I think humanity's goals should be to:

- Learn as much about the universe as possible during the existence of life.
- Maximize the time life has to learn about the universe and optimize its methods for doing so with the condition that the ideals of The United States Declaration of Independence are still upheld.

In turn my own goals are to:

- Enable individuals like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, and Andrei Linde to observe the universe IOT maximize theories and validation of theories.
- Learn as much about the universe as possible.

  • Apr 8 2014: Our goal is to bring heaven on earth.
    • Apr 20 2014: What do you mean by that?
      • Apr 20 2014: We have heaven within us, and should take every opportunity to use and express that love to others (regardless of their belief system). The more that is done, the better (heavenly) this world will become.

        When watching the News we see hell is also within us, but obviously that should not be used or shared.
        Does that help Matt?
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    May 1 2014: Humanity's ultimate goal is for all of us humans becoming more humane!
  • Apr 27 2014: Humanity's goal should be to get in touch with reality.
  • Apr 8 2014: Humanity should want to serve the sustainability of mankind and the world we live in. There is such a disconnect from this in so much of our current way of life but maybe that's how it's meant to be. I really hope not .......