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Mapped Directory of Toxic Waste repositories

Most countries do not have a policy for dealing with toxic waste. Millions of batteries, cell phones, and other toxic waste materials end up polluting waterways.

Why not have people post their toxic waste inventories through geo-localization so that recyclers can fetch boxes filled with toxic materials (batteries, etc.) and either recycle or dispose of them appropriately?


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    Mar 27 2014: good idea..how about just a map in general of toxic waste sites with names of who facilitated their existence
    • Mar 31 2014: I think the map would help a lot, but identifying the facilitators, no.
      Too great the fear of retaliation... The possibility of the injured finding the guilty,
      is enough for the enforcers to prohibit that knowledge from being easily found.

      Similar to how police/cops hide their home addresses and personal phone numbers.
      This goes for the elite most of all. The super-rich and their political doormats, who
      must hide from everyone, unless they're carefully exposed under guard of course.

      Too many injured citizen's with shoes to throw, or worse.

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