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Is our human language the most intelligent tool to communicate? Do you trust your intuition more than the words?

I MEAN OUR LANGUAGE-OF-WORDS. Perhaps we spend immensely more time on talking than any animal.

Even while using multiple devices for communicating practically in any distance on earth for exchanging our feelings or information, we still do not understand one another any better than millennia ago.

As we see on TED most of the time we discuss or argue over our man-made TERMS, which we commonly use, but understand/interpret in different ways. We spend a lot of time arguing over the words themselves, over their meaning.

How much confusion we create by using language and its conventional terms?

Is our human language the most intelligent tool to communicate after all?


Closing Statement from Vera Nova

“Our view of man will remain superficial so long as we fail to go back to that origin [of silence], so long as we fail to find, beneath the chatter of words, the primordial silence, and as long as we do not describe the action which breaks this silence. the spoken word is a gesture, and its meaning, a world.”

― Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception

I'd like to thank you every member who has participated in this challenging conversation.

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    Apr 7 2014: Trust n love are the most effective tool to communicate... U dnt have 2 say words to xplain.... ur eyes ur face tells everything
    n d 1 who truly loves u n has faith o u he/she will definitely understand u without ur xplaination....
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      Apr 7 2014: I know what you mean. I have this very experience but only with animals, and very yong children.

      However, I am not sure that humans can be trusted, in general. Their minds are too twisted and locked up within themselves. Their words and motivations are commonly questionable. I knew many who told me that they "loved" me - their love was something selfishly demanding, and controlling..

      When you say Faith do you mean god? Then it is a different story..

      Thank you, Jai .
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        Apr 11 2014: i didn't mean GOD, even if u r d gr8st devotee of god he wud never hlp u.... it is ur own noldge, own confidence which will help u to survive..... 4 eg: if u r d gr8st devotee of god n don't no swiming n u r drowning den even god cant help u....
        and about humans..... only ur behaviour n nature makes people good or bad... if u hav good nature den even d worst wud be ready to help u....
        atleast i hav experienced dis.....

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