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Nirma University

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Reducing the size of tablets that people find difficult to hold.

These days, tablets with sim cards are available in markets but they are bigger in size so we have to find a way to shrink them. We should make a tablet that contains two parts: 1) communicational part, and 2) normal working/application based part. When we want to use applications then both parts are joined together and work like a normal tablet,and when we want to call or receive call then we will separate out communicational part that is smaller in size (maybe 30% of total tablet area) so it's easy to talk with the smaller part. After the call we will joint both parts together again. The first part contains processor parts that are necessary to perform tasks. The second part contains communicational parts that are necessary to transmit data or receive data. The second part has all the circuits for those tasks, so when you separate it from the first part it will not affect how it works. By dividing the tasks of the tablet in two parts, we will able to reduce the size of the tablet. These tablets will be more user friendly than before. These days, people are choosing laptops for tasks and mobile devices for applications & calls due to the drawbacks of tablets. So if we are able to overcome these challenges, people will take a stronger interest in tablets.

  • Mar 30 2014: Already done before... they are called iphones. Tablets came into existence for people who want bigger displays.
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      Apr 5 2014: Thank you sir for your valuable time and comment ,i knew that Apple has already done it but they have smaller display compare to other tablets. I am looking for, the device size should be larger and problem has to be resolve.
  • Mar 31 2014: I would rather increase the size of tablets that are hard to see.