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Is anyone else very frightened by what is going on in the Ukraine?

Russia threatening to invade the Ukraine in order to make it their territory.


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    Mar 26 2014: Yes, and all of us should be.
    For it is a sign of things to come and further proof China and Russia are now the only world super powers.
    The USA and EU no longer has the power to stand for human rights for all, nor the will.
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      Mar 29 2014: What is your definition of super-power?
      You are seeking for superpower that is a smallest dot.

      A powerful and biggest government is barriers to those who dream to be “ human “.
      As People / I am not treated as a “ human “ that is a main reason: People / I left !

      In a word, Super-power favors the bold, and power corrupts.
      In Peace,
    • Mar 29 2014: Do not the Russian people in Ukraine also have human rights to choose their form of government and rulers?

      If the majority of people in Ukraine want Russia to take them back is that not their right?

      Remember you live in the US and get only what news the government wants you to see and not the entire story. It was almost a unanimous vote by the people of Ukraine to return to Russian control.
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        Mar 30 2014: Are we all in the same levels of Ideas Worth Spreading?

        My greatest concern is:
        The world will become more open and human’s relationship is more connected closely.

        What is maximum hopping speed to the Peace in the World for Superpower’s Country?
        In Peace,
        • Mar 30 2014: Not sure I am following you.

          Just because are all on TED in no way means we are on the same level or have ideas worth spreading. Having your opinions challenged is the only way to see how solid your reasoning for that opinion is.

          Why are you concerned that people will become more open and relationships more connected?

          Is there any evidence that being more connected to other cultures is a good thing?

          When a larger society connects with a smaller society it usually takes over that society and they quickly are assimilated and lose their individuality and culture.
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        Mar 31 2014: It sounds like you’re the one only listening to your government’s news.
        I personally question all the news I get and I get it from multiple places, plus in this case I known people living in the Ukraine. A relative I have just finished 3 years of teaching in the Ukraine under the peace core, now he is trying to get his fiancee to come over.

        The majority of Ukrainians that favor Russia only want strong ties with Russia and not to have been invaded by Russia. And a lot of Russians in Russia feel the same way.

        In Crimea 80% favor Russia, not 100%. And in the North West it is just the opposite, and considering the north west is about half the country and Crimea is about a 10th it is highly unlike the majority of people in Ukraine want Russia to take them back or even strong ties with Russia.

        The answer is simple: Make Crimea its own country and not part Ukraine or Russia. And allow Russia to have an overland easement to Crimea, I believe there is already a highway that could be used entering Ukraine around Mariupol.
        • Mar 31 2014: 80% is a MAJORITY!

          The people of a country have the right to decide on their government and if they want to be incorporated. The US and UK have no business interfering in that decision as long as they are not being forced and the elections was democratic so all voices were heard.
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        Mar 31 2014: Favoring Russia does mean they want to be invaded and taken by force by Russia, a lot in Crimea enjoy having ties with both Russia and Europe. And don’t like that Russia is imprisoning and killing anyone that expresses pro-Europe views.

        Russia seeks all of Ukraine and not just Crimea; they want an over-land route to the sea-ports and full control of the pipe-lines.
        • Mar 31 2014: They were not invaded. The people asked for help after the original government was thrown out from corruption charges.

          You are repeating the BS the US news feeds you.

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