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Is anyone else very frightened by what is going on in the Ukraine?

Russia threatening to invade the Ukraine in order to make it their territory.

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    Mar 26 2014: Hi Hannah,
    I don't feel frightened by this event, and I know that this kind of thing has been happening in various parts of our world throughout history...it is nothing new. That being said, I feel compassion for those people who are in the middle of the controversy, and all the innocent people who are adversely impacted by the political maneuver.

    On the other side of the coin, I am glad to see major countries step in to protest the action, and that is something that has happened at times in the past (WWll for example). The United Nations was formed as a peacekeeping organization, and unfortunately, it seems to be totally useless in situations like the Russia/Crimea conflict.

    I find that watching "world news" on public television, with news coming from different countries, is sometimes a little more reliable when we want to have more accurate information and a bigger worldview.
  • Mar 29 2014: "Never ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.."
    Let's think about it !
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    Mar 31 2014: A very short HISTORY of Crimea.

    Who does have the rights to own the land in Crimea? Anyone who lives there right now, but Neither Russian government nor Ukrainian's have these rights to dominate over the Crimean land.

    Cremia had a very long history of over a millennia before Russia and Ukraine appeared on Earth.

    In the early Iron Age, Crimea was settled by East Iranian population.

    Around two millennia ago Crimea was mainly populated by Greeks.

    Since the 1st Century AD to the middle ages Crimea was populated and ruled by Romans, then Goths, Huns, Bulgars, Kipchaks and Khazars.

    Greek city-states began establishing colonies along the Black Sea coast of Crimea in the 7th or 6th century BC. Feodosiya and Panticapaeum were established by Milesians. The southern fringe of the peninsula was controlled by the Byzantine Empire during the 9th to 11th centuries.

    Crimea was under the control of the Turco-Mongol Golden Horde from 1239 to 1441. The Crimean Tatars as an ethnic group emerge as the population of the Crimean Khanate during the 15th to 18th centuries. Some small Jewish population was surviving among the Muslim Crimean Tatars.

    Again, important to know - Russian and Ukrainian ethnic groups have appeared in 862. Moscow became a cultural center of Russia in 13th century.

    Please read below
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    Mar 30 2014: Begins ABOVE..

    Again, important to know - Russian and Ukrainian ethnic groups have appeared in 862. Moscow became a cultural center of Russia in 13th century.

    In 1783, the entire Crimea was annexed by the Russian Empire, numerous Greek Orthodox residents who lived on their land for TWO MILLENNIA, were deported from Crimea to the vicinity of Mariupol by the Russian government.

    The Crimean War (1853–1856), a conflict fought between the Russian Empire and an alliance of the French Empire, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the Duchy of Nassau, was part of a long-running contest between the major European powers for influence over territories of the declining Ottoman Empire.

    On October 18, 1921 Crimea became part of the new Soviet Union. However, this did not protect the Crimean Tatars from Joseph Stalin's repressions of the 1930s.

    The Greeks were another cultural group that suffered. Their lands were lost during the process of Russian Communists' collectivisation, in which farmers were not compensated with wages. Schools which taught Greek
    were closed and Greek Literature was destroyed!!

    After Soviet repressions demolishing old culture and local population, large Slavic population influx occurred, ONLY RECENTLY, in the 1930s, as a result of the Soviet policy of regional "development". These demographic changes permanently altered the ethnic balance in the region.

    P.S. For Comparison, please read what happened in Spain.

    Islam was present in modern Spain from 709.

    After 858 years !! of Islam people living in Spain, in 1567, King Philip II made the use of the Arabic language illegal, and forbade the Islamic religion, dress, and customs, a step which led to the Rebellion of Alpujarras, and the Morisco Revolt !! This was suppressed with considerable brutality. Troops commanded by Don John of Austria destroyed the town of Galera east of Granada, after slaughtering the entire population.
  • Mar 27 2014: History is an ugly thing, and nowhere is this more evident than in South Central Europe. The area North and West of the Black Sea is some of the most conquered and re-conquered territory in the history of man. It sits at a natural choke point between Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Minor (Persia), the Saudi Peninsula, the Balkan Peninsula. Many important rivers, and therefore ancient trade routes, drain into the Black Sea including the Danube and the Volga, Europe's two largest rivers.

    Originally occupied by people that called themselves Thracians and Gatae, but were constantly raided by people know as Scythians (probably ancestors of the Slavic Rus), First conquered by Persians, they became pawns in the centuries long struggles between Persia and Greece in the Classic era.

    The area then became part of the Roman Empire known as Dacia. As more Greek and Russian people moved in, more locals were pushed north of the Danube, where the name Gatae slowly changed to Goth. Being pushed south by invading Huns, the Goths got permission to move back south across the Danube. Seeing the Easter Roman Empire as weaker than expected, the Goths rose up in revolt, sacked Adrianople. The Goths then split, half moving into northern Italy, and eventually sacking Rome, while the rest held massive influence in the Byzantine Empire that took over the East after the fall of Rome.

    Then came the Venetians, the Huns, the Turks (invaders from Mongolia), Arabians, Ottomans...Then the Rus.

    The area has repeatedly tried to sort itself out on ethnic lines in what could be called genocide. Hungary for the Huns, Bulgaria for the Turks, Romania for the Greeks/Romans, Ukraine for the...Borderlands.

    Sometimes trying to sort issues like this out, can be very ugly. Vlad the Impaler was a Hun trying to cleanse Transylvania of non-Huns. The Goths were frequently the people on the spikes.
  • Mar 27 2014: It is my experience most people in the USA consider themselves US citizens first, and their ethnic group second. In many parts of the world, first comes ethnicity, then nationality. This makes it hard for us to "get it".

    Places like Crimea are very difficult, because it is 70% Russian ethnicity. Those people want to be part of Russia, not Ukraine. However, by law, they are Ukraine, not Russia.

    When it was all Soviet Union, Crimea was transferred from Russia to Ukraine. This would be like transferring Long Island from New York to New Jersey.... if the majority of people in New Jersey felt they were Jersietes first and Americans by conquest.

    When the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1992, borders were drawn along current "state" borders, NOT on ethnic lines or where people wanted to be.

    After the breakup, Ukraine had a massive nuclear arsenal, and neither Russia or NATO wanted all those nukes belonging to Ukraine. So, Ukraine agreed to give the nukes to Russia, and in return, Russia agreed to NEVER challenge the borders of Ukraine.

    Now Russia is changing its mind. Ukraine, as a whole country, is majority ethnic Ukrainians that do not want to be Russia. However, Crimea and many other Eastern parts of Ukraine are majority ethnic Russians that want to be part of Russia.

    Ukraine, as a whole, wants to reduce its economic ties to Russia and increase their economic ties to the West. After protests, the parliament illegally fired the pro-Russia prime minister and announced new government. This is illegal. The law says they would have to wait until normally scheduled elections.

    So, with Ukraine breaking the law, changing to pro-Western government in an illegal manner, Russia has taken Crimea in violation of treaty, but in keeping with the desires of the people that live in Crimea.

    It is difficult. Should a territory have to be in the nation that treaty says they are... or should the people of the territory get to decide? Answer: Depends who has more weapons
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    Mar 27 2014: War should be obsolete! Forever….

    " Powerful People join hands to make better system for our future, to change our world for good ".
  • Apr 2 2014: Argos Xavier
    "I am not frightened but concerned that the truth is not being told to the US and European people "

    The real truth is that there is no simple truth.

    The people of Crimea want to be Russia, not Ukraine.

    Okay, BUT
    1) that is because Russia killed or drove out the previous inhabitants.
    2) to get Ukraine to give up its nukes after USSR dissolved, Russia agreed to never take parts of Ukraine.

    So, the Russian population of Crimea should be held prisoners in Ukraine to international agreements?
    1) This doesn't seem a great outcome to me.
    2) I do not know the geographic and/or population boundary upon which power to vote to leave your current country. If Crimea were actually split 50-50, would some sub-section of Crimea be able to vote to leave Crimea? What is the atomic level of geographic-demographic, boundary that controls whether people do or do not have the right to vote?

    Here is what I do know. Russia can not be trusted. If you make an agreement with Russia, where each side gives something, you can not trust Russia to keep its word. So, never give Russia anything it wants in an international agreement, because it will not hold to its side of the agreement.

    Ukraine and Russia are playing a dangerous game, that history shows usually ends in bullets, bombs and blood.
  • Apr 1 2014: I am not afraid of what's happening but I would say that I am concerned for the people of the Ukraine. I honestly believe that we should call Putin's bluff and put peace keeping forces there along the border. Russia does not want and cannot afford a war, they are counting on us doing nothing. If we do nothing but put sanctions on them they will waltz in and take more of the peoples land. The people of the Ukraine wish to be free and we should support them in any way that they may need. I am not suggesting we go to war, however we need to show a stronger position. A war would be a nightmare for all sides and Russia knows this as well as we do.
    • Apr 4 2014: Hi, James,
      what is going on here in Ukraine (in fact, anywhere) touches everyone but to realise it, one need to understand that we do not stand alone, we are all interlinked.
      Whatever politicians will do, your concern is what really matters, i truly believe so.

      Thank you !!!
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    Mar 31 2014: I was asked to explain that what will be a good thing if human’s relationship to be more connected closely ( By Argos Xavier, 2014 ).

    Human’s relationship has been developing with 4-level: assimilation, acculturation, fusion and alternation.
    It is focused on explaining: assimilation level – they are in the process of equilibration, which means balancing assimilation (fitting reality into their existing knowledge) only.

    Again, my greatest concern is: “ Ideas Worth Spreading & The Peace in the World ”.
    In Peace,
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    Mar 28 2014: YES, YES, YES! We humans are unpredictable. If there are other intelligent beings out there in the vastness of the universe who are watching us, they would be very amused or very sad.
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    Mar 27 2014: What I don't understand is why we are not learning from history. Why cant we think of a different way to solve all of our problems. We encourage our children to not solve their problems with violence, and there are consequences for when they do. If Tommy wants Bob's toy he should ask him for it rather than punch him in the arm and tell him to give it to him.When Tommy punches to get the toy, he gets a time out, but when he asks for the toy Bob either says yes or no. If Bob says no and Tommy is determined to get the toy Tommy proposes a deal. He challenges Bob to a competition of rock paper scissors so that he can play with the toy, but if he loses he wont play with it. When Tommy loses he is less upset because Bob earned his toy fair and square. How is it that we can encourage children to be civilized in solving problems when we are worse than them? Or at least our nation's leaders are. What a world we live in... By the way that was just a scenario. Notice that in my scenario the children settled things between themselves they didn't make their hole class pay for an action that was brought on themselves. In some ways I wish we were as wise as children. It would be a couple steps up from where we are now. Time to let rock paper scissors determine our fate. LOL I am just kidding but I know that war is not the only way to do this.
    • Mar 27 2014: I ask, you say no. I ask again, you say no.

      Sometimes there is no ability/desire to compromise. World leaders are not going to decide matters like territorial disputes, especially if there is potentially $ billion of oil profits on the line, with a game of rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.

      In the 1840s, The United States was bound and determined to grow from sea to sea (Atlantic to Pacific). Problem was, Mexico stood in our way.

      We ask, can we buy Northern Mexico from you? Mexico says "no".
      We ask, can we buy Northern Mexico from you? Mexico says "no".
      We ask, can we buy Northern Mexico from you? Mexico says "no".

      We start marching our soldiers through their territory "to protect the rights of our citizens living in their country". When Mexico has had enough of this, and uses its army to try to stop our army from wondering around their country, we use it as justification for war.... we invade Mexico, capture their capital, and then...

      With their capital in control of the USA army we ask: can we buy Northern Mexico from you? Mexico says "I guess so".

      We pulled more gold out of California in 1850, then we bought the entire US Southwest from Mexico for in 1848.

      And there in, is the answer to your question.

      Why war? Because it works (for the side with the better military).
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      Mar 28 2014: Dear Hannah,
      You write..."What I don't understand is why we are not learning from history".

      With your scenario, it seems like you DO understand....at least on some level....
      "How is it that we can encourage children to be civilized in solving problems when we are worse than them? By the way that was just a scenario. Notice that in my scenario the children settled things between themselves they didn't make their hole class pay for an action that was brought on themselves. In some ways I wish we were as wise as children".

      We see some history being presented here regarding why things happened, and it kind of goes back to the idea that "they" did this so we had to retaliate....we did this against "them"...they retaliated....on and on.....

      It seems like most of the conflicts in our world since the beginning of humanity have been fueled by struggles for power and control....power over people....control of land and money. You insightfully recognize an important question...."How is it that we can encourage children to be civilized in solving problems when we are worse than them?" How are we going to change our world if we continue to repeat the same destructive patterns? It starts with us as individuals, and our "modeling" of certain behaviors.

      I have a friend who is a retired kindergarten teacher, and for many years, she taught her classes conflict resolution on a kindergarten level, which the kids totally understood and practiced. One may think that a small kindergarten class in a small town in a small state cannot make a difference....but it does make a difference. Change needs to start in many little pockets of our world, and it is only then that we may see change on a grander scale. It is important to believe that it can actually happen.....be the change we want to see in our world.
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    Mar 26 2014: It is not frightening; it is just reality. This is earth where humanity gets plagued with abuse of power.
    If it is not Russia invading one country, it may be another country claiming to be 'spreading God's message' or 'defending human rights' or 'looking for weapons of mass destruction'.
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      Mar 26 2014: Unfortunately, it IS reality Feyisayo, as we have observed "reality" throughout history! To use some words from a song.......When will we ever learn....when will we ever learn?

      My feeling, is that when/if we spend our energy frightened because of these situations, we are using energy that could be used in finding, encouraging, and supporting solutions.
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      Mar 27 2014: Thank you for the history lesson. I knew most of this but some of it is new to me like the way that we were the ones that stated the Cuban missile crisis. I didn't really pay attention in history class it was never my cup of tea. Plus I didn't have to pay attention to pass because it was easy. I have always been more interested in English, Psychology, Math and Science.
      My mind is focusing less on it's fear of being blown up at any given moment and I can concentrate on the more important things now so in a way this was a history lesson and a therapy session. Thanx.
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        • Mar 29 2014: Hi, Brendan,
          i am in the epicenter of the conflict in question and one of my personal gains out of this experience ( the only one so far ) is the understanding that History is a RAP, really! To put it mildly , the world History i've been taught is a kind of a residue of a multifaceted flow of events, a convenient rhythmic narrative which has little to do with truth. Devil is in the details.

          "Harsh realities for some of its people, but many of its people welcome those possibilities."

          How do you know ?
          I can assure you, as for the 'welcome' part there is nothing further from truth.
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    Apr 2 2014: " There is nothing further from truth ". Is there nothing further from truth?

    3 days ago, from News:

    The U.S. Government required that Ukraine Government must reform their economic system seriously and this project is expected to be completed in April 2014 for gaining final approval processes.

    1. The U.S. Department of Defense had supplied 300,000 sets of meal-ready-to-eat (MRE) and, transportation fee was valued at USD3,000,000 from USA to the Ukrainian Troops.

    2. Under senate bill, the U.S. House of Representative is going to consider 2 aspects: providing USD1 Billion guarantee loan to Ukraine Government, also, the Russian economy will be sanctioned.

    3. In short term, the IMF promised to provide financial assistance to the Ukrainian Government about USD14-18 billion for 2 years line of credit.
  • Mar 30 2014: I am a lot more frightened by what I see happening in America, especially in Washington DC!
    In Ukraine I see a whole bunch of Russians joining Russia, that should be a joyous homecoming. They be singing "Back in the US, back in the US, back in the USSR".
  • Mar 29 2014: I am not frightened but concerned that the truth is not being told to the US and European people through our media and you are only getting the views that the government wants you to see.

    The Ukraine was long a part of Russia with a majority of Russian speaking citizens before it split away.

    Russia has long financed the Ukraine and supported it even after it split away. Yes there was corruption but every country has corruption including the US.

    They had a vote in the Ukraine and it was almost unanimous that the people want to return to Russian control so do these people not have a right to choose their government?

    If there was any force being used against the majority of people and they were not voluntarily choosing that government then I would say the US and UK have a responsibility to intercede but Russia is allowing people that do not want to stay in the Ukraine to leave peacefully and they did have a vote and election on the issue.

    The US and UK governments have monetary, energy and military interests in the area but it is the Ukraine people that must be allowed to choose voluntarily what they want for their country or the whole idea of democracy and freedom goes out the window.
    • Mar 31 2014: "They had a vote in the Ukraine and it was almost unanimous that the people want to return to Russian control so do these people not have a right to choose their government?"

      Russia agreed, in the Budapest agreement, to never challenge the borders of Ukraine. So Russia gave away the right of the people in Crimea to ever return to being Russia.

      If Russia can not be trusted to fulfill its treaties, then why would anyone ever make treaty with Russia? The answer is, none of Russia's neighbors will trust it. If Russia wants to break its international agreements, then it is going to be very hard for Russia to make international agreements.
      • Mar 31 2014: No it doesn't work that way. The people of that country have a right to form their own government regardless of any former agreement. They only need a democratically authorized vote to do it.

        Treatise are changed all the time and the US and UK has changed treatise many times.
        • Mar 31 2014: This gets into a philosophical argument that has been occurring since the dawn of civilization.

          Some would argue you have the right to do anything that does not directly infringe on others' rights.

          Some would argue that there are some restriction that do not impact others that is okay, but there is a certain set of inalienable rights (a set that can not be taken away) chief among them, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

          Others would argue that government can limit anything, and "right" just means something that government hasn't banned.

          Do people have the "right" to form self-government and break away from their current government? At what geographical unit does that apply. If a sub=piece of Ukraine known as Crimea can form its own government and break away from Ukraine, could a sub-piece of Crimea than break off from Crimea and rejoin Ukraine? Then, could a sub-piece of that sub-piece break off and join Romania?

          Usually, this question is settled with guns, bombs and death.
      • Mar 31 2014: Laws are created by man and changed all the time. One thing remains consistent that the majority rules and will always overcome if they have the desire or they will move.

        That is what is happening in Ukraine and Russia is not preventing anyone from leaving the Ukraine that does not want to live there.

        If they were preventing people from leaving or imprisoning or torturing people then it would be justified to step in nut there are UN and other countries observing the area and that is not happening at this time.

        The history of the US and UK is full of similar events. The forcing of Native Americans on to reservations. The English invasion of many countries.

        So it seems the US and UK only have a conscience when it is being done by someone else.
        • Apr 1 2014: This is not a law, it is an international treaty. An agreement made between multiple nations, and to change, all nations that agreed to the treaty, most agree to the change. If one participant in the international agreement decides to ignore and violate the treaty, then all nations of the worlds will know that the nation cannot be trusted to keep its word.

          Majority rule, within limits of existing higher law. You did not address my question as to what level the majority can rule?

          I have pointed out that this is very similar, but way more peaceful, to how the United States got the American Southwest (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah Colorado, (Texas))... with the exception that the USA never signed an international treaty with Mexico to not invade and force the to sell for pennies on the dollar. Obama's comment was 'This is not done in the 21st Century", Maybe not, but the USA certainly did it in the 19th Century.

          And you know what? After we did that to Mexico, the world would have been right to distrust us. And they would have been correct to not trust us since we pretty much did the same thing to Spain 50 years later.

          Again, what we see from history is that these issues are generally settled with bullets, bombs and death.
      • Apr 1 2014: A treatise is just another form of law and enforced through legal action.

        The amount to which a majority can rule would be determined by how they treat those not in power or a revolution usually follows. If once in power the majority leaders do not act in accordance with the wishes of their followers they are quickly removed.

        To say what Russia is doing is wrong when the US and UK has done the same thing many times only proves that super powers will act in their best interests.

        The fact remains they had a vote and the people voted to secede to Russian rule.
        • Apr 2 2014: And he fact remains that Russia had agreed to never take pieces of Ukraine. Russia has broken the agreement, and will not be trusted to keep agreements in the future.

          "To say what Russia is doing is wrong "

          I am not arguing the morality of the issue. Is it right or wrong to let Crimea determine its own fait? That is a very, very complicated issue with deep ramifications, and I am not willing to take a side on the issue. I do not know.

          I am saying:
          1) Russia has proven that it will ignore international agreements that it makes. Russia cannot be trusted to keep its word, because it has repeatedly broken its word.

          2) Your argument that a vote proves something is flawed. It doesn't justify on what level of geo-political designation it uniformly applies too. You never even attempted to answer the question. If a sub-piece of Ukraine can vote to switch to Russia, can a sub-piece of Crimea now vote to leave Russia and return to Ukraine. What is the atomic level at which such a vote is or is not valid? Could me and 3 of my neighbors vote to leave the United States?

          3) Historically, the most common way that question asked in point 2 has been answered is with guns, bombs and blood.
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    Mar 27 2014: Hannah, As an American I do not have access to enough "facts" to form an opinion. I see the Ukraine demanding that Russia depart from Crimeria ... however I do not see the people of Crimeria resisting this annexation. I have knowledge of Putin spanking Obama on many political stages. I am aware that the USA does not have a diplomatic corps.

    It is my opinion that this is a issue for the EU and the USA as a part of NATO should be in a supporting position not as a lead.

    Russia has, in my opinion, oversteped some lines but has also stated that a national election would follow where the people would decide through their vote as to which side they opt. That is a democratic process we would have a hard time arguing with.

    I find this a real issue as China is watching the USA fall in stature and power ... plus the new issue of NSA spying on China through Huawei .... we continue to lose face and friends/alies in the world. We once used China as a stick to beat Russia with and now China is leaning more to the side of Russia ... and a rising distrust of America. At risk is China making a play for Tawain.

    Our current effort to apease China is to send the presidents family and mother-in-law on a vacation there at the expense of the taxpayers .... what results can we, the taxpayers, expect to see for the money (millions) spent.

    In summary: I am more afraid what is happening here through our leadership, our debits, our venture into socialism, the political elected elite, and the apathy of the general public. The real question is how can we go about restoring our Republic and reengaging the people into the process.

    A article today stated that millions are dropping both parties and defining themselves as Independents. A TED speaker stated that most Americans are Centeralists .... I believe this.

    Yeah the Ukraine is a issue .... but should not be our frirst concern.

    Be well. Bob.
    • Mar 27 2014: "I see the Ukraine demanding that Russia depart from Crimeria ... however I do not see the people of Crimeria resisting this annexation."

      The facts are available, you just have to go find them. The evening news doesn't want to bore the viewers with stuff like complicated issues, and the 24-hour news networks are only interested in playing to their niche.

      Crimea was Ottoman Empire (ruled by Turkey). In the early 1800s, Russia was expanding its control South East into what is now Ukraine. To stop this advance of Russian influence, Britain and France teamed up with Ottoman Turks to drive back Russia in the Crimean war.

      However, that only slowed Russian advance. By WW I, with the Ottoman Empire in continued decline, and eventual breakup at the end of the war, Russia was in full control of Crimea and had heavy influence over mush of former Ottoman Eastern Europe. This lead to the formation of the Soviet Union, which many non-Russian people felt their countries were prisoner nations.

      In the 1950s, to increase Russian ethnic control of Ukraine, Crimea (mostly ethnic Russians) was transferred from Russia to Ukraine. Think of it as gerrymandering...redrawing lines to alter political affiliations.

      When the Soviet Union broke up, Crimea stayed with Ukraine, even though most people there consider themselves Russians.

      It didn't become a significant issue until an illegal government change by Ukraine moved them away from socio-economic ties to Russia and toward tighter ties with the West.

      Russia agreed to never do this, try to redraw the borders. They changed their mind.

      Yes, the people of Crimea want to be Russia, but Russia agreed it would always be Ukraine.
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        Mar 31 2014: Hello Darrell. Yes, it's good to know some history, it helps.

        Cremia had a very long history of over a millennia before Russia and Ukraine appeared on Earth.

        In the early Iron Age, Crimea was settled by East Iranian population.

        Around two millennia ago Crimea was mainly populated by Greeks - many cities have been established by Greeks and still have Greek names.

        Turkish people who bloodily took over Crimea in 13th century, those you mentioned, were a mixture of a few ethnic groups speaking similar language, including Mongols.

        Contemporary Russians came to live in Crimea after the previous population (mixed: Orthodox Greeks, Muslim Tatars, Germans.. ) was forcefully banished from their land by the Russian rulers...
  • Mar 27 2014: What scares me is the scenario sounds so similar to the start of WWI which neither side wanted but still moved to war.
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    Mar 26 2014: Yes, and all of us should be.
    For it is a sign of things to come and further proof China and Russia are now the only world super powers.
    The USA and EU no longer has the power to stand for human rights for all, nor the will.
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      Mar 29 2014: What is your definition of super-power?
      You are seeking for superpower that is a smallest dot.

      A powerful and biggest government is barriers to those who dream to be “ human “.
      As People / I am not treated as a “ human “ that is a main reason: People / I left !

      In a word, Super-power favors the bold, and power corrupts.
      In Peace,
    • Mar 29 2014: Do not the Russian people in Ukraine also have human rights to choose their form of government and rulers?

      If the majority of people in Ukraine want Russia to take them back is that not their right?

      Remember you live in the US and get only what news the government wants you to see and not the entire story. It was almost a unanimous vote by the people of Ukraine to return to Russian control.
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        Mar 30 2014: Are we all in the same levels of Ideas Worth Spreading?

        My greatest concern is:
        The world will become more open and human’s relationship is more connected closely.

        What is maximum hopping speed to the Peace in the World for Superpower’s Country?
        In Peace,
        • Mar 30 2014: Not sure I am following you.

          Just because are all on TED in no way means we are on the same level or have ideas worth spreading. Having your opinions challenged is the only way to see how solid your reasoning for that opinion is.

          Why are you concerned that people will become more open and relationships more connected?

          Is there any evidence that being more connected to other cultures is a good thing?

          When a larger society connects with a smaller society it usually takes over that society and they quickly are assimilated and lose their individuality and culture.
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        Mar 31 2014: It sounds like you’re the one only listening to your government’s news.
        I personally question all the news I get and I get it from multiple places, plus in this case I known people living in the Ukraine. A relative I have just finished 3 years of teaching in the Ukraine under the peace core, now he is trying to get his fiancee to come over.

        The majority of Ukrainians that favor Russia only want strong ties with Russia and not to have been invaded by Russia. And a lot of Russians in Russia feel the same way.

        In Crimea 80% favor Russia, not 100%. And in the North West it is just the opposite, and considering the north west is about half the country and Crimea is about a 10th it is highly unlike the majority of people in Ukraine want Russia to take them back or even strong ties with Russia.

        The answer is simple: Make Crimea its own country and not part Ukraine or Russia. And allow Russia to have an overland easement to Crimea, I believe there is already a highway that could be used entering Ukraine around Mariupol.
        • Mar 31 2014: 80% is a MAJORITY!

          The people of a country have the right to decide on their government and if they want to be incorporated. The US and UK have no business interfering in that decision as long as they are not being forced and the elections was democratic so all voices were heard.
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        Mar 31 2014: Favoring Russia does mean they want to be invaded and taken by force by Russia, a lot in Crimea enjoy having ties with both Russia and Europe. And don’t like that Russia is imprisoning and killing anyone that expresses pro-Europe views.

        Russia seeks all of Ukraine and not just Crimea; they want an over-land route to the sea-ports and full control of the pipe-lines.
        • Mar 31 2014: They were not invaded. The people asked for help after the original government was thrown out from corruption charges.

          You are repeating the BS the US news feeds you.
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    Mar 26 2014: not really. you're being fed select information so you don't know the real story - the only people who do are the ones that are there.

    in the end, if you're not actually there, why care? no-one with the power to make a difference is going to listen to you.

    your version of events is exactly that - just one of many versions.

    it seems obvious that countries kill and murder in the name of *insert anything you like*. russia won't be the first country to do this. USA have done the same thing lots

    nothing new here and in fact, it's just boring for people like me - so removed from my reality that i've stopped listening