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Is anyone else very frightened by what is going on in the Ukraine?

Russia threatening to invade the Ukraine in order to make it their territory.


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    Mar 26 2014: Hi again, Hannah-

    A little more history to explain the Ukraine situation: Russia and then the Soviet Union suffered horrific losses of life of its citizenry in both World War One and World War Two- between 22 - 28 million lives lost in the latter conflict. Most history books here don't mention that the Soviets destroyed 80% of German army divisions in WW II, while the US, Britain, Free French, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, etc. only defeated 1/4 as many. US deaths in WW II were 418,000, so if there were 25 million Soviet deaths, 60 Soviets died for every American, you see.

    This is why the Soviets occupied several Eastern European countries after WW II: They wanted/needed to establish a "buffer zone" between them and their traditional enemies, as any nation in its right mind would want to do after two vast slaughters like the World Wars. The US is extremely fortunate in having two huge, beautiful oceans between us and trouble from enemies, right, Hannah? It is very easy for us fat, happy and safe Americans to make moral judgments about other nations' behavior.

    Again, the Ukrainian city of Kiev was once the very heart of Russia, my dear, so things aren't as simple as they seem in this situation. Our think tanks know all this, even if most US citizens do not, so there is no real danger of us going to war over the Ukraine. Also, no European nations will do so either, since they depend heavily on Russian oil pipelines. The Ukraine will probably end up split in half or occupied and absorbed by Russia. Harsh realities for some of its people, but many of its people welcome those possibilities.
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      Mar 27 2014: Thank you for the history lesson. I knew most of this but some of it is new to me like the way that we were the ones that stated the Cuban missile crisis. I didn't really pay attention in history class it was never my cup of tea. Plus I didn't have to pay attention to pass because it was easy. I have always been more interested in English, Psychology, Math and Science.
      My mind is focusing less on it's fear of being blown up at any given moment and I can concentrate on the more important things now so in a way this was a history lesson and a therapy session. Thanx.
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        • Mar 29 2014: Hi, Brendan,
          i am in the epicenter of the conflict in question and one of my personal gains out of this experience ( the only one so far ) is the understanding that History is a RAP, really! To put it mildly , the world History i've been taught is a kind of a residue of a multifaceted flow of events, a convenient rhythmic narrative which has little to do with truth. Devil is in the details.

          "Harsh realities for some of its people, but many of its people welcome those possibilities."

          How do you know ?
          I can assure you, as for the 'welcome' part there is nothing further from truth.

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