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When is Unplugging from the Net Rational?

Digital Detoxification: The Pointlessness of Unplugging
'...the Pope argued, “The digital environment is not a parallel or purely virtual world but is part of the daily experience of many people, especially the young.”

In that way, the unplugging movement is the latest incarnation of an ageless effort to escape the everyday, to retreat from the hustle and bustle of life in search of its still core. Like Thoreau ignoring the locomotive that passed by his cabin at Walden Pond or the Anabaptists rejecting electricity, members of the unplugging movement scorn technology in the hope of finding the authenticity and the community that they think it obscures.

Unplugging from devices doesn’t stop us from experiencing our lives through their lenses, frames, and formats. We are only ever tourists in the land of no technology, our visas valid for a day or a week or a year, and we travel there with the same eyes and ears that we use in our digital homeland. That is why so many of those who unplug return so quickly to speak about their sojourns.

Surprisingly, studies have shown that just by encountering nature on a screen can be as beneficial as the real thing.

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    Apr 8 2014: well, i would think noone is plugged in all the time, that all people sometimes become still? So maybe it's a non-issue?
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      Apr 8 2014: I still think it's an issue since many are still harmed physically and mentally with digital overload.
      The important thing is knowing if we need digital detox or not---which is the gist of the question.
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        Apr 8 2014: harmed how, poch?
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          Apr 8 2014: Haven't you heard of internet addiction which resulted in deaths? Many are even harmed just by mobile phone addiction Greg.
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        Apr 8 2014: no, sorry, poch, what is an internet addiction that results in death? I still wonder if really very many people are addicted to the internet, I would imagine that most people find more of a balance?