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Is Emotional Intelligence as important or more important as IQ or not at all?

offers a snapshot of this exciting new measurement and how it might better facilitate human understanding and interaction.

One only needs to witness an "adult" exhibiting an adolescent fit of rage, or temper tantrum to know that age has nothing to do with emotional maturity or awareness.

What are your feelings regarding this subject?


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    Apr 7 2014: i would tend to think that having a good iq helps you to conduct yourself more intelligently emotionally as well? I hope we don't have to choose?
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      Apr 8 2014: Well, as I pointed out to Bob, I tend to choose an emotionally intelligent person over condescending authorities and tantrum throwing individuals to interact with. And if I don't have that choice than I tend to simply walk away from them and seek another source.

      And having spent decades both studying and working in the academic community I can assure you that there are plenty of high IQ's that do not possess an equal level of emotional maturity. .
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        Apr 8 2014: yeah, william, but a person who was only emotionally intelligent wouldn't be too interesting, either, don't we kind of want both?

        But are you saying a person with high IQ is more likely to be emotionally immature than a person with an average IQ? Why would that be?
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          Apr 9 2014: I was simply stating my preference for the emotionally mature over those who are knowledgeable but lacking that emotional maturity.

          And I laugh at the idea that an emotionally intelligent person would not be interesting )
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        Apr 9 2014: well, to each his own. For me, I would probably prefer the intelligent person with low e.q. because i think they have a better chance of moving toward better e.q., where the person with high e.q. might not move toward high i.q. But it sure seems like one would want a quotient of both.

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