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Is Emotional Intelligence as important or more important as IQ or not at all?

offers a snapshot of this exciting new measurement and how it might better facilitate human understanding and interaction.

One only needs to witness an "adult" exhibiting an adolescent fit of rage, or temper tantrum to know that age has nothing to do with emotional maturity or awareness.

What are your feelings regarding this subject?


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  • Apr 5 2014: "...women tend to score higher levels than men."
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      Apr 5 2014: That does not surprise me Rodrigo! If we look at the "ability model" in the link you provide, the main elements include perceiving, using and understanding emotions.

      Traditionally, girls/women have been taught and encouraged to use and understand emotions, while boys/men have been taught and encouraged NOT to show emotions....yes?

      I believe men have an equal ability to perceive, use and understand emotions, and now that our societies are encouraging men to do so, the "score" may equalize? What do you think?
      • Apr 5 2014: We cannot efficiently kill other beings if we are emotionally acquainted with them. Do you think that, traditionally, women were just as bad as men for discouraging emotional intelligence in males?
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          Apr 5 2014: OH....right.....we cannot efficiently kill other beings if we are emotionally acquainted. Perhaps we need to stop killing others?

          I think society discouraged emotional intelligence in males, and we (males and females) are all part of society....right?
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          Apr 5 2014: Since you brought up killing, I just thought of something.....we seem to be seeing a lot more PTSD with returning soldiers. Do you think there IS more of it? Or could it be that we are recognizing it more? Could it be that soldiers (who are mostly male) are connecting more with emotions, and therefore "feeling" more?
      • Apr 5 2014: Society is becoming more emotionally intelligent because of Globalisation; women are growing, too, but men have got more catching-up to do. And if women were ever traditionally as bad as men for discouraging it then it was a social survival strategy. But I suspect that men were always worse than women because war sounds exciting and women keep themselves occupied by raising children.
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          Apr 5 2014: I agree with that Rodrigo.....society is becoming more emotionally intelligent because of globalization. When we interact with people from different cultures, we may realize that we are all more the same than different. Hopefully, it encourages more compassion and emotional intelligence.

          Another good point....we had our "roles".....men fought for rights, protection, freedom, etc., and women stayed home and raised the children, being the emotional supporters of the family, while man worked out of the home in a sometimes aggressive environment, including war!

          That is changing as more women are in the workforce, including war, while more and more men are stay at home dads. I believe this to be an opportunity for all of us to evaluate our emotional intelligence?
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          Apr 5 2014: Inclusiveness does seem to be another consequence of globalization. That is to say, prejudices have been falling by the wayside ever since women were given the vote and children were deemed to be human beings..

          It was not that long ago that long hair and the way we dressed were targets of small-mindedness and petty prejudices and let us not forget the long and troubled history of racial and religious prejudices.

          But today cross dressing is just another fashion statement, men's hair is as coiffed as any woman's while race and religious intolerance are finding it harder and harder to obtain a seat on the bus.

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