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Solution to unoccupied stores,shops and commercial property during the recession

Everywhere you look there are empty commercial properties and small businesses that have shut down in the recession. Yet still, landlords are asking for extortionate rents? Instead of pricing rent according to the perceived market value, why not charge a percentage of profit from the trader or business instead of fixed rent? Flexible according to the volume of trade in any given month.

What is the point of having 1000's of empty commercial properties? Why not encourage entrepreneurs to start businesses at zero rent and pay more rent as the business grows? If a trader is struggling with rent he/she will close down, why not have flexible rents inline with profits as I've described?

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    Mar 25 2014: In many places there are lots of short term rentals at, I think, modest rates, since the storefront would otherwise be empty. Artistic installations and other uses by artists are common as well as seasonal retail.
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    Mar 28 2014: I never visited to UK. Are necessary businesses surviving (Laundry, grocery store, cell phone store, appliance store)?
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    Mar 26 2014: If all is well, why are there 1000's of empty commercial properties in out high streets in the UK, town centers have become ghost towns. If the landlord charge the entrepreneur a percentage of profit until the full rent amount were viable, it would be in the landlords interest to promote and select viable business ventures. As it is, we are stuck with an archaic system, where impossibly high fees are charged, businesses fail, our high streets are empty and the landlords receive no income.It requires an innovative and radical approach to revitalize our town centers.