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what is Wisdom and can Wisdom be found in DNA?

is wisdom the same as thinking? are animals rational? does animals have good and devil? is Wisdom the difference of human and animal? What makes us human? Is it the struggle of base nature versus elevated reason? Is it a balance between selfish survival and selfless charity towards others? Is it the development of something greater, a soul? Or are we nothing more than aggressive expansionistic creatures of instinct, draped in guise of rationality? Are we no different than any other species, only achieving dominance because we are the current evolutionary best that has yet to be sent into entropy by the Darwinian reaper? What are we, does a duality exist, has humanity been elevated to a greater plane, or are we creatures of nature, that have progressed rapidly due to the advantages we have been give? As Plato stated “know thyself”, what is humanity?


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    May 2 2011: DNA holds memory. Its like the hard drive of life only much more complex. There is absolutely no way it came into existence by accident or chance. Impossible! Even Crick admitted to its complexity.

    Wisdom relates to ones consciousness verse ones unconsciousness/subconsciousness. Consciousness is an intrinsic experience and is not situated in the brain. Our brain is merely a translation device that is modeled to 'capture' experiences through the 5 sensors. It then transmits the translated information to ones consciousness which is the product of our spirit/soul. Spirit or Soul - same thing.
    All information stored in DNA is increased/improved through experiences and carried over to the next.

    DNA is essentially Light. We are essentially frequencies of Light that solidified in this given space. The entire universe is a hologram of light in layers making up dimensions of infinite stages physicality. Like an onion skin.

    Considering the complexities of all existence and its grand design, it would be ridiculous to assume that everything came into existence by mere chance. Just as a beautiful song plays from its orchestra, so is life well orchestrated. Well planned with purpose.

    Human beings are unique in that our limitations have infinite possibilities. We are able to explore, this reality, the reality beyond here and now, and visit timelines in other constellations/galaxies/planets. Human beings are able to view worlds through a telescope as well as the microscope. This unique ability, we are even able to explore the unseen realities through consciousness. We are different from all species known to us. Different in that we have more possibilities than the animal kingdom who has less possibilities due to their physical design. Consequently limiting animals Consciousness.

    Wisdom is the ability to reason to improve ones awareness to the point that we do not cause or create imbalances through our journeys, here and hereafter.
    • May 3 2011: so if humans and apes has such big difference why scientists humans are like apes?
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        May 4 2011: I'm not sure if I understand your question. Could you specify please?
        • May 8 2011: sorry,
          if humans and apes has such big difference (Wisdom) why scientists say humans are same as apes?

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