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How do we encourage school learners to learn on their own and become progressively self dependent?

I'm looking for ideas on how people have promoted self learning among school children. What role can teachers play in this act? I'm more interested in promoting the skills among those learners who have limited access to technology and still print dependent


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  • Apr 27 2011: i believe every school child is able and willing to learn on their own, though some are more interested in the topics outside the cirriculum. the role of a teacher is to bring them to see a wider world and to provide them with supports, materials and information, especially for those who have limited access to technology, so that they can find out their interests. as a student, i think the biggest problem that stops students from taking the initiation to self-learning is that they are over-loaded with school works and tests, etc. these leave them no time for what they are interested.

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