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Why is Western Europe faced with these problems

Western Europe has a long history of advanced civilization. Nearly 400 million people have used most of their natural resources as they advanced their civilization. In the last decades, these countries had turned to nuclear power to maintain their growth and development. However, that became politically.... inconvenient, so they turn to buying fuel resources from outside. Now that outside source has turned on Western Europe, attempting to exert political control. Western Europe is now faced with economic blackmail. How did this happen and why?


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    Mar 27 2014: Mike, There is no one answer ... poor political decisions, bad economic decisions, poor use of resources, apathy, etc ... Most of Europe bought into the Socialist programs without modeling them for impact. They have bought into Keynesian economics and spend without regard to the balances necessary to sustain growth. They lack the resources and ignore options that would greatly assist them. Without options they are indeed asking to be extorted by those who have the resources.

    Political cowardice and enept decision making have brought these countries to a all time low ... they have followed Keynisean economics until they are deplete and now want Germany and others to spend their money to bail them out and still insist that the programs that broke them remain in place.

    Politician demand that these welfare programs remain because they are popular ... most free things are popular to those receiving them. They refuse to follow sound economic advice and direction.

    As the defination of crazy .... they continue to do the same things and expect different results ..... ain't gonna happen.

    Just my two cents worth. Be well my friend. Bob.

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