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Can the world be united ?

Will you be ready to participate in concrete world unification movment ?

  • Apr 30 2011: Mhhh I'd love to be optimistic but we're still so far from it.

    I remember after the japan earthquake and tsunami.....so many people on Internet saying hateful stuff like "Revenge for Pearl Harbor!" or "Revenge for the whales and the dolphins!" So much hatred.... I don't need to be japanese to be truely hurt by such attitudes.

    Even if the world was "united", it would only be a pact. Gruges would still be hold, just not freely expressed. It would be like racism. It has been more or less harnessed from a legal point of view. but it's still there.

    If we want to truly unify the world, it starts in each of us individually. So it really won't be easy...
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    Apr 26 2011: Human society is in an ongoing process of unification. Globalization (despite it's negative aspects in implementation) is bound to continue. Movement of people around the world. Modern communications. International trade. All these things will produce a greater sense of world community.

    Moreover, religions will merge and become less superstitious, international laws will be enforced, and the problems of global resource protection will be addressed. All out of necessity.
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      Apr 29 2011: This is so true! I think these TED conversations are one example of that progress. Wikipedia is another example of how people from all around the world have been able to colaborate with each other and achive great things.
    • May 1 2011: religions will merge? It means each religion would need to make compromises with what they see as the truth? That one is gonna take a lot of time...

      In my distopian united world, I think a forced co-habitation is more probable. It will be legally punishable to be non-tolerent toward another religion or culture. People will still hate each other, they will just be too scared to express it face to face. The system will make sure it's just not worth the try.
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      May 23 2011: Thanks Tim, Kristofer and Mr Kebabsoup for your nice comment.
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      May 23 2011: These are types of discrimination listed by EEOC in US -
      Genetic Information
      National Origin
      I don't see many of these differences will completely end with globalization, or movements, or global communication. Rather note that as we see discrimination against religion and race/color going down, new kind of discrimination are coming up, based on Genetic Information, Pay/Compensation and National Origin.
      Our mind actually characterizes everything and creates distinction among them, even for other individuals. If there is a distinction, there will be some discrimination; and if there is any discrimination then we cannot claim unity in its true sense.
      I am not a pessimist and agree to certain extend with Tim that with all the means he mentioned we will move towards the greater unity all out of necessity. But we cannot ignore the new ones forming up.
      Any comment?
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    Apr 30 2011: Never WILL,so many different religions,believes,people......though some are similar,yet much more are are different ,even on the totally oppsite.So it is no possible to build a totally united world,if possible ,it is too far from now.
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    Apr 29 2011: Diversity and separation does actually unit us somehow..
  • Apr 26 2011: Human culture is not ready for unification. We first have to explore and challenge our differences in society and draw from that the levity and tolerance necessary to admit to ourselves and each other that there are universal truths which unite all of us.

    To make an overly simple example: Jews and Muslims share a spiritual origin and a long history within the Middle East. Until the issues that drive them apart can be be worked out in a civilized forum. Until they can approach each other and their differences, each group will approach each other with distrust and quiet resentment, if not in violence.

    Peace and unity generally comes through a shared threat posed by a third party or mutual exhaustion from the hate. The human race has not come to an agreement on that mutual enemy and we still aren't tired enough to satisfy the hate.

    But it would be nice one day if we could all meet on a common ground one day.
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    Apr 26 2011: my idealistic part of me says Yes!
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      May 1 2011: me too.hehe,and my idealistic part of me says if i can make friends with you?
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        May 26 2011: oops! Justin sorry for the late reply(its very easy to overlook ) its always nice to meet a fellow chinese here.so hand shakes!
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      May 23 2011: Thanks to Amily Shaw and Justin lee....keep that idealistic part protected by many ugly realities..
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    May 23 2011: The world is united.

    Now it's just a matter of conveying that and focusing on the facts. We are united in many many ways, although socially we tend to separate ourselves.

    As far as uniting socially, I see it clutch to have a goal worthy and challenging enough where the world comes together to accomplish it. This is one main reason why I put so much emphasis on the colonization of space starting with the Moon and Mars. To colonize Mars in fifteen years many things would need done by many countries. If different countries did different things towards a common goal it would help in so many relations.

    There are a few other accomplishments that I had thought to do it though I let them slip my mind deciding that colonization was the best. Something like building a state of the art lab and mega computer and allow the country that wins a competition to utilize it for two years when the next competition is held. These competitions could be things such as who makes the best breakthrough in medicine, or who can design the fastest computer, or what ever area needs focused on. A type of intellectual Olympics. That one may not lead to as much unity directly but I think it would create unity in interesting ways, even though there is competition.
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    May 23 2011: Thanks to all of you who have commented so far............. i will come soon with the concrete process of achieving this 'almost unachievable' goal.

  • Apr 26 2011: With the way that technology is and how all institutions are set up to only protect the elite's interests in any society I feel that a world government would resemble Orwell's "1984". Whether we like it or not we're moving toward a unification because borders are becoming less relevant. corporations don't opperate with borders, so they can go to whatever country gives them the most leniency on worker's rights and environmental policies, while the workers are flooding to any nearby country that gives them better pay. We're also seeing more and more international policy that is only going to be expanded and more widely enforced. Then there's unions of areas, like the EU, and joining of currency. It's only a matter of time before other areas do the same, which will make it easier to unite 3 or 4 groups of countries compared to all the individual ones. Maybe when social institutions evolve and if there is a greater level of equality in society would I ever be ready to accept and participate in a world unification movement.
  • Apr 26 2011: Not until people have different Loves.
    some love material and some love God.
    material=money food power land ,....
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      May 23 2011: Note that differences in love is not a problem; problem is inability to understand, appreciate and accept others values. As Swami Vivekanand said - "I am sitting in my own little well and thinking that the whole world is my little well". There is no better example than given by Swami Vivekanand in a simple story to illustrate this.
      Check this link - http://www.eaglespace.com/spirit/whywediffer.php