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Can the world be united ?

Will you be ready to participate in concrete world unification movment ?


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  • Apr 26 2011: With the way that technology is and how all institutions are set up to only protect the elite's interests in any society I feel that a world government would resemble Orwell's "1984". Whether we like it or not we're moving toward a unification because borders are becoming less relevant. corporations don't opperate with borders, so they can go to whatever country gives them the most leniency on worker's rights and environmental policies, while the workers are flooding to any nearby country that gives them better pay. We're also seeing more and more international policy that is only going to be expanded and more widely enforced. Then there's unions of areas, like the EU, and joining of currency. It's only a matter of time before other areas do the same, which will make it easier to unite 3 or 4 groups of countries compared to all the individual ones. Maybe when social institutions evolve and if there is a greater level of equality in society would I ever be ready to accept and participate in a world unification movement.

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