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Why do we engage in superstition?

My thought is that if you want to know something about the world or how things work you put the effort in to learn about it. Then after some time of study you genuinely know about the subject you were interested in.

I want to know people's opinions on why superstition still pervades even at a time where the resources for understanding are literally at our fingertips.

*By superstition I mean anything from luck (don't walk under a ladder) to more elaborate ideas and rituals.


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  • Jun 27 2011: I think the fact that we have so much resources can work to promote superstition, like Luck. For example we receive so much information and we see/hear so many ways to get hurt or get in trouble, it's not surprising that some of the information spring to mind when you see a ladder in your path, and choose to walk around it.

    Mind you that some places or the world are still miles behind in terms of technology and people who live there are unaware of the newest breakthroughs in many fields, and this effect will amplify over time. For example some people still have no idea how planets came to be, so that community might turn to something else.

    - Ding

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