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Should zoos be banned

Nowdays, people think about not only human rights but also non-human rights such as animal rights. Many people oppose maintaining zoos because they think that zoos might harm animals and abuse them. However, many others say zoos should not be banned for preventing species from extinction and experience for human. What do you think& why do you think so?

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    Mar 21 2014: If you ban zoos and game parks, then you can say bye bye to the Rhinos and Elephants. With zoos and parks (government/private sector effort) these animals are still hunted and hundreds of them are lost yearly to poachers.

    What would happen without these?
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      Mar 22 2014: That's a great point, Feyisayo. There are currently about 60 or so species that are extinct in the wild.
    • Mar 23 2014: Your making excuses for the selfish antics of the human. If animals become extinct, that is nature. Let's not pretend to care about animals, then cage them indefinitely.

      If people cared about the animals that are poached, they would also care about the farm animals that are reared, caged and slaughtered for their meat. Just because one animal exists in greater numbers, does not make killing them more justified. If this is your viewpoint, then we can aquate that the zoos are not about caring for the animal, but are about a human being selfish enough to want an animal to exist in substandard conditions so they, and their children, and their childrens children can continue to oggle them.

      And, just because there are fewer of one animal does not mean cruelty changes its characteristics to something good. Arguing that extinction is a reason to care about the elephants and lions, then stick them in cages is nothing short of excuse making.
  • Mar 25 2014: "In order for you to justify zoos you have to resort to pretending you understand animals and what they want. Are you a politician by any chance?"

    Here is the only justification needed for zoos. Enough people are willing to pay to attend them to keep them in business, while not subjecting the animals to unreasonable pain or mistreatment.

    Frankly, I could not care less what most of the animals want. There are some animals at the upper end of the intelligence, self-awareness end of the spectrum that I am highly concerned about... but most of them, nope.
  • Mar 24 2014: Zoos shouldn't be banned for many reasons...
    1. They provide a shelter for animals preventing them to be attacked by predators.
    2. Zoos are the breeding grounds for repopulating an endangered species.
    3. Zoos give visitors information and a bit of an education about animals, it helps visitors to realise that animals do need our help and shouldnt be hurt.
    There are many more reasons why these animals may be better in zoos but these are just a few simple ones.
  • Mar 23 2014: Your question makes me think of the documentary "the Cove" and how dolphins were aquired for places like sea world. While some of the comments below make sense in regards to perserving endangered species, I think there's also the chance that at least in some cases they (zoos and/or parks) are encouraging (by turning a blind eye to how animals are aquired) inhumane practices that further endanger some species.
  • Mar 21 2014: I think cruelty should be banned.
    "Insanity is hurting for pleasure"- Keith W Henline
  • Mar 24 2014: yes i think zoos should be banned because animals are getting more and more scarce as more species are disappearing and using the excuse that zoos protect the animals from nature is bullshit. they should be protected from poachers only and they should be left to live free in the wild with out human interference because it looks better that way
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    Mar 23 2014: i would think you should have zoos because many people would not learn very much about animals if they didn't have a zoo to go to
  • Mar 22 2014: Zoos should be banned. No animal should be bread in these unnatural conditions and no animal should be pulled from the wild to be controlled and monetised for human insecurities and selfishness.

    If Elephants are extinct tomorrow, so be it, that's life. I am more than sure Nelly isn't too worried and would certainly not wish to have its freedoms squashed because some inferior species wants Elephants to look at.

    Let's not pretend zoos are caring environments, they're nothing more than torture centres for defenceless animals. I will never visit a zoo.

    I imagine those that agree with zoos, also agree with the likes of guantamino bay, a prison with potentially innocent people detained indefinitely. Shame on the lot of yous.
    • Mar 23 2014: I think it is up to individuals' values.

      Some might think that life threatened by their predators is worse than living in an environment which has less freedom but no life threatening circumstances and enough food.

      Or some might think in a different way. They might think that freedom of the animal is more important than enough food.
      • Mar 23 2014: I think many people will give an excuse as to why zoos exist, with your first point being the main one. However we should all think about how we would like to be treated. I know most people would rather live in their natural environment with the threat of an early death and extinction than what they would in a cage.

        If you as an individual would not accept the conditions these animals are in, then why should an animal be any different no matter what the threat to their life is.

        Nature by definition includes the extinction of animals. Why should we interfere in nature and bring inexcusable harm to animal's for our own gratification?
  • Mar 19 2014: If you do not like the way zoos treat animals, then do not go to zoos.

    I will keep going to zoos, and resist any effort to ban them.

    Animal rights is getting insanely out of hand. The personification of animals is stupid. Have you seen the conditions animals live in, in the wild?
    • Mar 23 2014: I actually think that zoos should not be banned and certainly agree with your opinion. I also do think that the conditions of zoos are not much worse than the conditions of the wild.

      Many zoos are making animals' shelters just like their inhabits in the wild. However, there are still zoos with old cages and doesn't provide enough space( in our point of view) for the animals.

      I wonder if you are thinking that animals in zoos just need space to rest and enough food? or the environment that can reduce their stress and the highest quality of food, which would need much money?

      The latter might be considered like personification of animals, and I wonder what do you think.
    • Mar 23 2014: You say animal rights is getting out of hand. Would you say the same for human rights if the american government started to put innocent people behind bars indefinitely? I highly doubt you would.

      What you wouldn't want done to yourself you should not do to animals.
      • Mar 24 2014: This is a perfect example of animal rights getting out of hand. I wouldn't want my home sprayed with chemical poisons, so I can't spray a ant next to keep them out of my house?

        In that case, why stop at animals. Why not plants, fungi, bacteria?
        • Mar 24 2014: Humans are nature and within a particular environment it is excusable for a human to behave in a particular way (killing weeds for example), and this way can be seen as nature taking its course. However being an intelegent life form with the ability to understand emotion and good morals, other acts of the human can be seen as unatural, cruel and uneccessary for survival. The Zoo is a premeditated example of animal cruelty which does not help the human to live or survive, its appeal and creation is built around entertainment.

          I dont think spraying ants is correct and i wouldn't do it myself, but i can understand human nature extending itself to this behaviour, but again this is about humans protecting their immediate home environment, not premeditating the indefinate incarciration of defenceless animals for entertainment sake.
      • Mar 24 2014: "I dont think spraying ants is correct and i wouldn't do it myself, "

        I don't think this conversation can go anywhere.

        "not premeditating the indefinate incarciration of defenceless animals for entertainment sake. "

        You say that like it is a bad thing.

        The animals may not realize it, because they are too stupid, but most have longer, happier, better lives in captivity than they would have in the wild.
        • Mar 24 2014: "The animals may not realize it, because they are too stupid, but most have longer, happier, better lives in captivity than they would have in the wild"

          In order for you to justify zoos you have to resort to pretending you understand animals and what they want. Are you a politician by any chance?
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    Mar 19 2014: As the Earth's sentient species, we have the moral duty to treat animals humanely, but animals do NOT have intrinsic rights.
    • Mar 19 2014: Be careful with the word "sentient". How it is used in sciFi (intelligent, moral, abstract thought, etc.) is not its actual meaning (capable of sensing its environment... see, hear, feel, taste, etc).

      While plants and generally non-sentient, with minor exceptions, even bacteria have some level of sentient.
    • Mar 23 2014: However, you would not cage an innocent human, so why would you cage an innocent animal if you believe animals should be treated humanely.
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        Mar 25 2014: "Q. How many innocent people are there in prison?

        A. We will never know for sure, but the few studies that have been done estimate that between 2.3% and 5% of all prisoners in the U.S. are innocent (for context, if just 1% of all prisoners are innocent, that would mean that more than 20,000 innocent people are in prison). " (
        • Mar 25 2014: Thanks Michael. I agree innocent people are imprisoned, however I think we can all agree that this is not a positive thing and it is classified as an injustice.

          However what we are doing with animals is different again, as we know they are innocent, yet we still behave unjustifiably towards them. There is no judge and jury, just a one way ticket to indefinite incarceration. That's why in a previous post I made a comparison to the likes of Guantamino bay.