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How can commercial/mainstream science improve or offer human immunity without destroying the world economy?

To me it seems like healthcare is the glue that holds the world economy together which is likely why we never see any new preventions or cures. What can society do to pave the way for real health improvements though our existing immune capacities? We already have immune systems that are capable of offering full immunity free of charge so I ask how can society survive if we decided to use it instead of relying on ineffective western pharmaceutical medicine and or ineffective natural medicine?


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    Mar 27 2014: There are many things we don't care about it but when we lose it we trying so hard to retrieve it. The earth made from equal push and pull function to keeping the balance of it.
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      Mar 27 2014: I guess the thing with immunity is modern man has never had it to loose. Medicine is very old and started sabotaging us very early in our species. We have always ignored the capabilities of the human immune system in favor of medicine and now to discuss human immunity one will be considered a "quack".

      I don't know if the earth push or pull has anything to do with what is required to be immune or what we can do to make the population more suitable for allowing man to be immune as nature intends?

      This is a tough topic and a one of the kind topic I assure you. Welcome Bilal.
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        Mar 28 2014: Immunity like our brain learning to correcting the error, that is right what you said and we need to having enough knowledge about it.

        Tell me something if I proofed to you what are you doing the used to action, it's wrong can you change it.
        Who told you the immunity system can be developed by some drugs or something else.

        The immunity system can't developed or even change by evolution but it can be developed only to acting person who knows his or her act is wrong or right.
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          Mar 28 2014: I got confused on that comment Bilal, probably a language barrier.

          Our brain already knows how to correct any error, it simply needs to be reminded and that is only because we stopped using the brain to correct errors and started learning to live with suffering by using drugs to deaden the pain.

          If the body has a failure that is allowing for disease/pathogens to remain unchecked, yes it can be corrected as long as it is done before permanent damage is done. Death is usually eminent when permanent damage is done.

          Drugs will not boost the immune system, short of maybe steroids. Herbs, supplements or foods will not boost immunity either, though many will argue otherwise but none will have proper immunity while they argue. A person either uses their immune system to it's fullest or they don't. Drugs and herbs do not effect it.

          There is no need for evolution to change the immune system, it's already there. People just need to seek wisdom and truth instead of belief and modern commercial modern medical science that is easily proved to be pseudoscience. It's true, western medicine is more pseudoscience than any other form of science. How else could it fail 99.9% of the time? What else could be the reason for that kind of failure?

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