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Humans vs Animals

Every creature from insects to lions knows about the delicate balance between nature and their lives. They respect the balance even when it means that others of their kind die. With the insects they only know what they are supposed to do and try only to survive. Now is how humans are reacting to the environment a way to survive? We are the most intellectually advanced creatures and yet we fail to honor and respect the balance. Why?


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  • Mar 19 2014: To clarify a little bit, i'm mostly referring to the circle and balance of nature. We are born and die and throughout our life we depend on nature and other animals (humans included) to live our lives the way that we wish. However, as a collective, humans have used more of nature than we have been able to repay. It is evident in the depletion of the O-Zone and deforestation.

    Collectively humans believe they are the highest of intelligence and yet we collectively fail to grasp the fact that we will run out of resources. It may not be for years to come but whenever I personally view some kind of natural occurring thing such as a land bridge. I question why we can't try and alter nature like bonsai trees so that way we cant still keep all our advances in technology and all of our cities but still make it to where nature comes back.

    In how animals are intelligent, a good way of phrasing it in my opinion would be ignorance is bliss. They only know that they should survive and largely live based of instincts. In this manner, they can hold up a balance between nature. If you can not picture it, I suggest re-watching The Lion King and taking notes.
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      Mar 20 2014: Hello Dakota. Thanks for your great topic.

      1. First of all I'd like to come to some mutual agreement with others regarding what we believe "intelligence" is.

      2. Before we dare to appraise or judge animal intelligence and nature I think, we shall learn a little more about them but based on direct communications within natural environment - not through technological devices and some lab research.

      If we get some different perspective on ourselves, human animal might look absolutely mad, burlesque, emotionally unstable, senslessly cruel for no reason even towards themselves. Seems that man-made entertainment leads our society.

      We may recognize this craziness even when applying our own human sense of soundness and intelligence.

      2. I strongly believe that our burlesque society development is not rooted in our ability to develop intelligence, but on our fantastic ability of acting inside our playhouse of imaginative realities.

      Our natural sense-perceptons are extremely limited and crude, so no super microscope or telescope would give us much of any depths of the world. Our intelligence as we recognize it has been built upon very shallow appearances which are based on our ephemeral and deceiving perception of Sight :)

      Our common scientific and logical thinking is based on the "evidence" and "proof" delivered by our very sight along!

      Well, it would be helpful if we would try to "appraise" and reevaluate our knowledge that we collect throughout ages.

      Compared to animals our realities we may observe are extremelly shallow. It might take an unusually great effort to try to contact wilderness openly and discover its endless levels within its invisible to us transformations.

      Meanwhile, if we do not learn how to respect nature as it is, we doom our own future because we are a little fragment in it , and entirely depend on its mighty turns. You nicely put this thought your way, Dakota. Thank you!
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        Mar 20 2014: I agree that humans are very foolish and that we fail to grasp how much we need nature. We drastically under appreciate its benefits and its beauty, but that doesn't mean animals aren't guilty of the same thing; they're also equally guilty of self-destruction. Animals, and even plants for that matter, fullfill their basic needs as best as they are able, no matter the long-term effects for their race. For example, in a given area, animals will overeat their resources if they can; they'll eat more than they need, while reproducing as much as they can, and they'll run out of resources to support their population. As a result, they'll all die.

        What we humans do is more complicated, but only because we are more capable. We have a bigger impact on the environment only because we bring about great change too quickly, because we're capable of doing so in the course of further securing our basic needs. Basic needs such as making house installation for warmth, developing processes and chemicals to preserve food, and making weapons of mass destruction to protect ourselves from others of our species. If other species had the intelligence and resources to further secure their needs, I have no doubt they would do so.

        So, as far as our inability to recognize that we're killing ourselves, I believe we're on an equal playing field with animals. We just have to deal with the added factor of our intelligence, capability, or whatever else you'd care to call it, that brings about so much rapid change.
    • Mar 21 2014: The human beings live in illusion that they are intelligent just because they can invent and create artificial things. They build artificial relationships,pseudo morality, pseudo ethics.

      Human beings is the only creature on earth who not only fools himself but each other.Everyone is fooling everyone.
    • Mar 25 2014: The Lion King is a cartoon. All the characters are actually human voices with animal shapes drawn around them. There is NO WISDOM AT ALL in "nature", only organisms all trying as hard as they can to grab as much as they can and failing. We succeed. That is the problem. We are the most successful animals. We do what they all do but better.
      • Mar 25 2014: This comment I like. You outlined a point, stuck to your opinion and didn't make it sounds angry. I did this as a debate because i wanted to see different opinion not have someone yell at me saying I'm wrong. I do appreciate your honesty and offering different viewpoints.

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