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Forcing the Legalization of Cannabis Through Mass International Demonstration

There is no reason why cannabis should not be legal to buy, sell and cultivate. So why do we tolerate our governments unjustified stance on the issue?

We are all aware that cannabis has its medicinal purposes and there is plenty unofficial evidence to suggest that many diseases can be eradicated using cannabis/ THC Hemp oil. The evidence is unofficial because the FDA/WHO/FSA/the illegality of cannabis will not permit the truth to be known. Why? Because of several reasons;

1. The pharmaceutical industries are worth billions of £/$'s every year and these pharmaceutical companies fund the FDA/WHO etc... There is no profit to be made from a plant that cannot be patented.
2. If treating decease becomes similar to treating the common cold with aspirin, then people will live longer, fear less and self-medicate.
3. People will substitute alcohol and tobacco for cannabis, again decreasing the profits of big industries. Speculatively this will result in less alcohol related violence and injury.

The Benefits (beyond the high)

1. Less crime due to alcohol substitution and dealers not being penalized. which equals less strain on health services, police and prisons.
2. People will be able to self-medicate, thus resulting in less strain on health services.
3. The side effects of radiation and chemotherapy and other pharmaceutical medicines will never be felt again by any man, woman or child.
4. No need to test on defenceless animals.

Even without the medical benefits there is no reason why cannabis should be illegal

The government and pharma industries have for many years used and abused peoples naivety knowing fine well there is an alternative cure in the form of a natural plant. They should be criminally prosecuted.

Let’s together, protest for the legalization of cannabis. I will set up a communication website and a person from each city (in every country that responds) can organize a peaceful protest for a set day in the future. Our unity will give us strength.

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    • Apr 9 2014: I like how you refer to cannabis as a herb, rather than drug. As cannabiss is just that, a herb, yet our governments always refer to it as a drug to give it the appearance of something more harmful. Imagine if oregano or basil was called a drug. Or what about the aphrodisiac asparagus plant. People are brainwashed by tby the idea that cannabis is a drug and therfor harmful.
  • Mar 24 2014: Mass 'Love-Ins' won't make a difference - if they did then the Hippies would have gotten it done in the 60's. What you need is Money:
    Pharm companies make Money that will be taken away by legalization.
    Alcohol companies make Money
    Prision Industries make Money
    Cops, Lawyers, Bondsmen, make Money.
    Insurance Companies and Drug Testing Labs make Money.

    None of these will give up the Money. To get our legslators take it from them, you have to show them Money somewhere else. That is why 'Legalize and Tax' is the rallying cry: It gives them hope that the Government can take our Money instead of the Corporations.

    The Medical side of this issue is too weak to win by itself. In fact EVERY arguement will fail unless it offers the Government more Money than they get from the lobbyists.
    • Mar 24 2014: True it is mainly about the money, but I do not beleive the medical benefits argument is weak. Of course it is highly disputed, but not at all weak.
  • Mar 22 2014: It's called "riots". It doesn't work. However, people who are too immature or self-centered to use legal processes like them.
    • Mar 23 2014: “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”
      ― Mahatma Gandhi

      Hi Bryan. I am not talking about riots. Im talking about peacefully tackling current corruption on the issue of cannabis legalisation through mass international demonstration. It's about unity to make a change come about.

      “It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.”
      ― Mahatma Gandhi
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        Mar 23 2014: One thing I wonder is what priority this issue has for people compared to other causes around which they might organize, given that few have the time/energy/resources to pursue all issues with vigor.
        • Mar 23 2014: I agree, people may not see this as important enough to give their time to as they see cannabis legalisation as a hippies journey. On the other hand people do runs for cancer all the time, every year. If these same people knew there was an alternative cure which they were being prevented from receiving would they not give up their time for this cause in the same way they give up their time for these pharmaceutical companies and cancer research charities that don't have their interests at heart.

          Additionally, there are cannabis protests all the time, but they are all so disjointed, by different groups and different countries, all at different times, that the impact is lost. If we protest internationally, at the same time, the impact will be greater and the message will be stronger.

          This is not just about getting high, its about giving people the ability to self medicate, with little side affects in comparison to the current options available. Its about empowering the people with a natural resource of the earth that never should have been banned, its about democracy. The legalisation of cannabis and hemp oil will literally change the face of the health services and people will live longer, happier and with less fear. That is massive.
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        Mar 23 2014: I don't think there is any evidence that marijuana is an alternative cure for cancer. The popularity of cancer runs derives from the number of lives that have been touched by this often brutal killer.

        I don't know where you live, but I expect it will not be long before cannibis is legalized in most of the United States. not because people generally buy the health claims but because increasingly people are offended by the huge numbers of people, mostly people of color, who are incarcerated for behaviors that didn't hurt anyone other than maybe themselves.
        • Mar 23 2014: There are plenty of official and unofficial studies that suggest cannabis and hemp oil is a cure for many diseases. If cannabis did not serve as a potential cure, why have pharmaceutical companies and cancer research organisations not invested at least some of their time in debunking the myth. Its because they know to debunk the myth they would have to lie. At least at the moment they can play the naive, ignorant card.

          However, I do agree cannabis will be legalised soon enough, and where I live, Scotland, the people who want to smoke the stuff already do, without too much fear of prosecution
          (Its a class b drug, but only dealers get done for the crime, rarely, if ever smokers).

          However its the hemp oil that holds the most benefits and without complete legalisation to cultivate, it will not be available.
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        Mar 24 2014: " There are plenty of official and unofficial studies that suggest cannabis and hemp oil is a cure for many diseases."

        And that's the biggest load of horse manure I've read on these forums. Please reference one of your so-called studies.
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          Mar 24 2014: I think in this area both the benefits and the harm from occasional use tend to be exaggerated in public discourse.

          In reviewing any research, it is important to look at the dosage of the active ingredient. According to health care providers who talk to school and parent groups in places where marijuana is legal, the strength in the marijuana of today is ten times the strength of what people in the sixties and seventies used recreationally.

          I expect it will not be hard to find evidence of the pain-reducing effects that have caused doctors sometimes to recommend medical marijuana for some patients.
        • Mar 24 2014: Why don't you try to disprove. I doubt you can. My statement was accurate.
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        Mar 24 2014: You made the claim - the burden of proof is on you. Please reference any study which links cannabis or hemp oil to a cure for anything.
        • Mar 25 2014: For some reason I am unable to post links, but a simple search on your behave will do the trick. There have been plenty official university headed studies that have proven the effectiveness of cannabis use in curing disease and plenty additional unofficial studies and individual claims.
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        Mar 25 2014: You should be able to post links to medical or science journals and indexes of journals. If you need to, you can instead write the name of the journal, author, and title for follow-up rather than the link.

        I would stick to the published research here rather than individual testimonials and claims.