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Should it be made mandatory for women to go to the military, especially in countries like South Korea where it is still in a warring state?

Military services are one of the most controversial matters in countries with dangers of war. The issues of sending women to the military are rising to the surface with reasons such as equality, filling the number of people in the military, and many others. What direction should the government take?

  • Mar 24 2014: instead of asking whether women should be forced to join the millitary, we should be asking how can we stop forced conscription. It should not matter if a country is at war, if an individual does not beleive in war, they should not be forced to participate. You can drag the horse to water, but you cannot force the horse to drink.

    I would advice against male conscription too. warring should be a completely voluntary decision.

    If i were forced to train with the millitary, I would refuse and be non compliant. I would rather serve time than spend tiime training to kill.
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    Mar 22 2014: Preparing for war and going to war has become part of the human condition. How can we change this?
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    Mar 21 2014: I dont agree with the 'mandatory'. But women who are willing to serve and who are deemed fit, should be allowed to join the army.
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    Mar 19 2014: Sarah,

    Are you questioning conscription or conscription of women? If everyone is equal why should gender even be debated? The US Military has promised to open up combat positions to women by 2016 as women already serve in nearly all other roles in the US Military. The same is also true of most "modern" nations including: New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Israel, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Taiwan. Gender should not even be an issue when it comes to conscription. If you are debating conscription in general then that is an entirely different topic.
  • Mar 23 2014: I am not comfortable with people being forced to, as General Smedley Butler might say, serve in the military as Smedley did for 33 years, being a "high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers."
  • Mar 23 2014: I believe in mandatory public service for all - it can be military or teaching or social work or etc. A good example would be a doctor could put off the public service until he/she finishes and then serves in military hospitals or giving medical service in places that have a hard time finding doctors.