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How will you share a great idea

You work in a company and you have an idea that, in your opinion,
will improve the whole company and the product you're working for.
And after a while, you see that your idea is good and it will make a difference.
What will you do ?

- speak the owner of the company you work at and let him do the decision
- leave the company and start your own business
- ask for a higher position
- see if you find people who share your vision in the company

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    Mar 21 2014: No matter how great your idea may be even if your superiors at work would listen they will twist it their own way.

    That was my experience in my very young years when I worked for someone.. I'm convinced that if you do have a good idea it needs YOU to REALIZE it.

    My answer: "leave the company and start your own business"
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    Mar 22 2014: Bogdan, be careful. Analyze your idea thoroughly. What may seem like a good idea to you may not be from your supervisor's or employer's position.

    If you have a really great idea and you want your employer to get richer, tell your employer. However, if you want to have complete control of your idea and you want the world to benefit from it and at the same time you want to enjoy the "fruits of your labor", then open your own company, as Vera suggested. This is easier said than done. Notice how many of us are employees or workers and how many are employers or entrepreneurs...?

    Best wishes and more success to you...
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    Mar 21 2014: If I believed in the cause or purpose of the organization that I worked for I would look to partner with them on this new venture. If on the other hand I had any apprehension about the values or purpose of my organization I would venture out on my own as others have suggested.

    If you question lives more in the place of how to push for this change to truly occur I would suggest checking out Sinek's talk on Starting with Why and would encourage you to seek congruence between your new idea and the core of the company you are either working for or starting.
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      Mar 22 2014: Sinek spoke at TED again today, with another very valuable talk. This one is about leadership.
  • Mar 20 2014: If you have a great idea , I would suggest leave the company and start your own business. I had bitter experiences on all the other options mentioned by you.
  • Mar 19 2014: To answer your question directly, if I had enough money, and the idea will make big profits, there is no way I would give it to a big corporation and then wait for a very Basic pay rise or bonus whilst the directors laugh at my stupidity. At very least I would enter into a joint venture contract with them were profits were shared. If it were a non profit idea then I would prob just hand the idea to them.
  • Mar 21 2014: Hi Dear Bogdan I think the idea is great,I would like myself to use it,to enjoy it,and do sth I can do about it in my life and my teaching job.
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    Mar 20 2014: One sees human standards above company standards and money. What is the probability that, at some point, he will not have enough money ?
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    Mar 19 2014: I agree, it's a case by case basis. I also think it depends on what your reason is for having your idea expressed and recognized as well. Are you trying to advance in the company, improve company standards overall, or improve human standard of living. I think that would really effect what action you'd take if your idea is or isn't accepted.
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    Mar 19 2014: John Kotter's Leading and Managing Change could be a good reference book for that. I think it mainly depends on the situation, mainly on your organization's 'culture'. Some companies generally ignore their employees, while others require them to be creative. Case to case basis I think.