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Mutations and how they fit the balance in nature.

When mutations occur due to changes in the environment, it is not just one individual species that will be affected. This means that all those who mutate will have to fit in with all life and not just its own. Without some kind of control, life would spiral out of control. This mayhem could go on for an eternity or until extinction would be the outcome. I have no scientific background but I will try to explain my conclusion after 40yrs research. Forgive me if I waver.
E=Mc2 to this let us add B (boson.) It now reads E=Mc2+B= Mass. From this mass is generated another mass (Life.) Organic mass is still atom built mass and contains the energy from when it was first formed. This allows the equation to be reversed to Mass=B+Mc2=E. This is energy at the constant speed of light. What better way could information reach across the species?
Energy can change its form but its purpose cannot be eradicated! The subconscious works 24/7 never stopping and appears in the greater scheme of things to be life's paramount function- Energy.

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    • Mar 25 2014: Hi Brendan
      Thanks for the information-very interesting. I have no scientific background and find myself struggling a lot of the time. Listening to Stuart Hamereroff I realised how much we have in common. My equation relates to a quantum field of complex rhythm within the brain, He mentions the consciousness quite a few times and I was hoping he would mention the subconscious-putting both into the same league. The occasional neuron expansion he mentions are attributed mainly to our emotions sparked off when there is the need for them. In my equation you will notice that unlike Einstein's equation it ends where his begins-with E. Just before E is Mc2, I use this because of my ignorance to describe the stability of our consciousness. Its
      stability is needed for obvious reasons when you realise the purpose of the subconscious-both together make E. The sub works 24/7 and consciousness works 16/7. Add the two together and you get 40/7. we know this can't be-we know the answer is 24/7, therefore one works in conjunction with the other. The sub
      will react to any changes that threaten life, promoting a surge of neurons. How beneficial this would be to evolution when mutations are called for. This surge in neurons would be controlled by the subconscious, otherwise evolution would spiral out of control. No life would exist-certainly no life as we know it. This allows
      the consciousness to return and keep on a stable level until the next time. I am describing a design in evolution that goes against the random theory of science. Thanks again.
  • Mar 21 2014: Hello Amigo'
    Your correspondence assures me that you are very young and very immature, which is a shame because you also appear to be intelligent, but you are not yet ready to go beyond your limitations. I suggest you look for a debate that is not so demanding or get someone to help you. Maturity maybe just around the corner. I think it's time for me to say adios and wish when you grow up to meet with a debate that's less tasking.
    Adios Amigo
  • Apr 11 2014: "Not all mutations have an effect on the organism. let alone a negative one. There is a lot of redundancy built into the genetic code..." - Harald.

    A Darwinian assessment of mutations:
    they occur randomly;
    they persist if they fit in.

    3 ways to re-assess them:
    they persist if they help to re-balance nature;
    they occur because of an imbalance in nature;
    they occur to re-balance nature.

    Take your pick. Or none of the above?
    • Apr 11 2014: Hi Rodrigo
      The first part of Darwin's theory only makes sense if you can disregard the trillions and trillions of mutations from the start of life. Throw a die and see how many times your number comes up. Then imagine a die with so many numbers that it would be impossible to count them and see how many times your number would come up. It would be easier winning the lottery.
      The same theory applies to the second part. Theories have to be challenged or they will remain just that - a theory.
      • Apr 11 2014: I'm curious. What is your re-assessment of mutations?
        • Apr 11 2014: Hi
          What Darwin didn't consider, was the complexities within the mutations. When mutations occur due to changes in the environment they not only have to change for the survival of their own species, but all species that were around at that time. Imagine hundreds, maybe thousands, maybe millions who were subjected to the same conditions and all mutating, needing to fit in with the balance of nature. This is where the theory of rhythm comes to the fore. We have to ask ourselves; how could all these species adhere to that balance? When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. The only way that it could be done is by the rhythm of the consciousness supplying the subconscious, because who would know better what the species needs, than the species themselves. Forgive me if I have to border on what seems the unnatural but it is true and clears when the right explanation comes forward. Parapsychologists investigate many cases of what seems to be belonging to another dimension. True example, researched by yours truly. A man dreams of trying to board a plane, he approaches a middle aged lady for room to sit. he is unsuccessful and asks two children for room to sit, again he is unsuccessful. He jumps off the plane and walking along later still in the dream the plane comes overhead. As he looks up the aircraft plunges to earth. The noise of the crash wakes him with a start, for a moment in time he his disorientated. Later that day towards evening he looks in the local paper and there is the report of a plane crash. He knows it is his plane crash because there are just three survivors-a woman and two children. Science investigates these happenings under conditions that for some reason get nowhere. It was obvious to me that the man when sleeping was in touch with those three survivors-there was nothing supernatural about it at all. It is from researching mostly in this field that I have come to re-assess mutations.
  • Apr 7 2014: Hi Rodrigo.
    Harald is right and so are you, up to a point. Energy is motion! Motion can come in many forms like the decomposing of a body. All the universe is in a state of disorder, the same as the body; disorder could not exist without energy. Energy builds then destroys. Remember- death controls numbers. You have to look at energy in a different context. Take our life cycle-we live,reach our peak and then start to decline.
  • Apr 7 2014: Derek,

    "Our subconscious isn't going anywhere but is confined to the realms of our brain which itself is confined to the constraints of the skull.In other words, the subconscious isn't going anywhere."
    • Apr 7 2014: You are right Rodrigo it's the energy that does the travelling.
      Your concept of energy has to change.
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    Apr 6 2014: Derek, you seem to have a poor understanding of how mutations work.
    Not all mutations have an effect on the organism. let alone a negative one. There is a lot of redundancy built into the genetic code that helps mitigate problems caused by mutations.
    As to you equations, well, let's put it this way: Einstein would shiver in his grave seeing your "modifications" of his equation.
    I'm curious as to what the "purpose" of energy according to you is. Energy just exists. There is no purpose to it.
    • Apr 6 2014: Hello Harald
      Thank you for your reply. After much thought perhaps the equation should read thus: Mass = B + Ec2 + E.
      This would explain the rhythm of consciousness and sub consciousness. One could not work without the other. 99. 9% of this combination can only to be guessed at. Control of E would only work controlled by a more stable source Ec2. You are right, not all mutations have an effect on the organism, but the prolific one's .the one's meant to keep a balance in nature would have to be under some control. This is where my equation becomes paramount. Energy can change its form but it cannot eradicate its purpose. There is a selective journey of design throughout the universe-we have recently had evidence of the Boson and the M.B.R. Both getting us nearer to that design. I also agree with you about Einstein turning in his grave, but if we don't challenge these theories, they will remain that-a theory.
      Good to hear from you.
      P S You mention energy has no purpose. All energy has a purpose when used with guidance.
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        Apr 7 2014: Hi Derek, just to make sure, your post is a joke, isn't it ?
        • Apr 7 2014: Hello Harald
          Please explain.
    • Apr 7 2014: Energy doesn't "just" exist. It is going from somewhere to somewhere else, A to B. Where is A and where is B?
      • Apr 7 2014: Hello again Rodrigo
        Glad to have you on board. The answer to your question is what this debate is trying too establish, or at least come to more of an understanding of what at this moment in time seems unattainable.
      • Apr 7 2014: Hello Rodrigo
        Energy is mass, all mass contains energy - including us. We are mass!
        • Apr 7 2014: Derek, Harald,

          Energy is mass in motion? Mass at rest contains no energy?
      • Apr 7 2014: Hi Rodrigo.
        Mass is energy. The energy that formed mass at the beginning cannot be eradicated. Energy exists at all times within all things, living or otherwise. You can see how the energy in us works by studying the subconscious and how it reacts to our consciousness. We experience our everyday emotions and then when we sleep this energy, kind of plays them back. We have no control over what the subconscious does it is guided purely by the energy that our mass contains. I could go on!
        Our Earth is a star-you are right when you say about energy in stars, but don't forget; we are belonging too and are built of the same atoms. We have quarks and protons that give us our 'meat on bones' but basically there is no difference.
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        Apr 7 2014: Rodrigo, no, although stars are obviously full of energy, energy doesn't originate there.
        As a matter of fact, energy and matter are neither produced nor destroyed but only transformed. (1. law of thermodynamics)

        "Mass at rest contains no energy?"
        You can respond to your own question if you look at the equation E=mc2.
        • Apr 7 2014: Harald,

          "We have no control over what the subconscious does it is guided purely by the energy that our mass contains." There is momentum to all matter thrust out from stars including the momentum of the matter that makes up our subconcious. Does that sound like a joke to you? Our subconcious is going from A to B. Where is A and where is B? "Energy can change it's form but it it's purpose cannot be eradicated!"
        • Apr 7 2014: Harald,

          The very first Comment of this Conversation was my counter-assertion "Death stops life spiraling out of control." to Derek's assertion that the sub-concious stops life spiraling out of control. What do you think of his assertion now?
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        Apr 7 2014: "Death stops life spiraling out of control."
        To me this sentence makes nos sense. Death is just the end of life. What does "life spiraling out of control " mean to you ?
        As to your other post: "Our subconcious is going from A to B" What do you mean ? Our subconscious isn't going anywhere but is confined to the realms of our brain which itself is confined to the constraints of the skull.
        In other words, the subconscious isn't going anywhere.
  • Mar 25 2014: Hi Brendan
    I am looking for a rhythm that as far as l know has no name at the present. Because of this I refer to it as a complex rhythm. It appears to be more noticeable when emotions are at their most traumatic but not always, for this reason I connect them to life's evolving. Trauma certainly equates to changes. I noticed listed on the talks you recommended was a certain Anthony Peake. I know of this gentleman and his quest to prove time-warps; which I understand with all the evidence and experiences which people have-myself included. This is more believable after listening to Stuart Hammeroff. I don't want to emerge from the present line of debate but I must tell you about a prediction I sent to Anthony Peake. It predicted the day of it happening-I do have proof of this.
    I mention it because of the connection mentioned by Hammeroff in his talk. By naming the date of the happening it proves the connection-there is nothing supernatural; I am afraid that time-warps may not exist. This is why I am trying to identify this complex rhythm.
    The reality that explains the whole-maybe!
    The complex rhythm that I seek began before EE Rhythms. The forerunner of all rhythms.
  • Mar 21 2014: "Energy can change its form but its purpose cannot be eradicated!"
  • Mar 21 2014: Energy is matter in motion. Where is it going?
  • Mar 21 2014: "Mutations and how they fit the balance in nature." Give a short explanation, not more than 20 words please.
  • Mar 21 2014: Is the going getting tough? I agree with you! What is there too debate?
    You have lost the plot.
  • Mar 20 2014: Hello Rodrigo
    I agree with you entirely. If you read the heading you will find what makes the mutations. Mass=B+Mc2=E.
    That is of course my deduction and it is not based on science. it is based on experience.
    • Mar 20 2014: Make a much shorter, single sentence statement of not more than 20 words so that I can have a debate, please.
  • Mar 20 2014: Death stops life spiraling out of control.
    • Mar 20 2014: Hello Rodrigo
      What I meant by control was the mutations caused by changes in the environment.
      Life would have to change to fit with the balance in nature. If the mutations were random then the chances of fitting would be almost nil. That is the control I mean.
      Death controls the numbers.
      • Mar 20 2014: Death controls the un-fit.
        • Mar 20 2014: Could you explain what that has to do with mutations due to climate change/
      • Mar 20 2014: Mutations do not occur due to changes in the environment! Ask me a question or make a statement that contains the words: adaptations, changes and environment.