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Unbiased religious education should be mandatory at all public schools.

I feel like prejudice and racism comes from ignorance. If children are taught the basic principles of most religions, they'll be more understanding towards those who believe something different. Before I reached junior high, I was terrified of Muslims, Mormons, and Wiccans. However, after digging deeper into my history book, I realized that they were people just like me. If religious education starts earlier, I feel like children will have a more open mind and be more prepared to work in an ever-changing, diverse world.


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    Mar 28 2014: As a sociological event world religions should be a chapter in a social studies book. Now to have more efficient use of school time what about an extra math or science Lab? Ok perhaps I'm a bit biased, but if you were to look at USA vs the rest of the world rankings in Science & math we dil to scratch the top 20 ouch!
    perhaps it would make some sense...just a thought.


    • Mar 29 2014: I am sure corporations would just love that idea but education is not just about turning out little robots to feed the corporations. It has to be well rounded in may subjects.

      I do not agree that religions should be taught at the public school level but I also do not agree that education should focus on math and science anymore than any other subject at the public school level.

      They can focus on those subjects in college or take advanced classes if that is what they are interested in.

      If you looked at the psychological profiles of children in countries that push math and science you would also see a high burnout rate and depression. You have to have balance especially with young children that have to find where they fit in.
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        Mar 29 2014: Argos,
        I'm not a clinical psychologist but i dare wager that we are nowhere near a collective psychosis in the USA at any age group based on overexposure to math & science. Currently the view is that numbers complicate things and should be avoided, mathematical illiteracy is worn as badge of honor in the USA-as if-folks seem more human if they can't balance their checkbook.
        Even in Ivy League colleges (Yale) 35% history students, many of them graduating seniors did not know the population of the USA within a factor of 10! Many thought the population was between
        1 and 10 million less than the population of New York City, For them concepts like 1 million or 100 million had no objective meaning, they never learned to associate something containing a million things like a midsize american city with the number 1 million. The students could not even tell the approximate distance across the USA in miles,even this is too big of a number to handle.But a bit of math could help if you think that you can comfortably in a day (interstate) about 500 miles, estimate about 5-6 days to drive across USA tells me that the distance is closer to 2,500-3,000 miles than to 10,000 miles.
        Our psychosis is heralding The Simpsons & Honey BooBoo and exposing children to religious "truths". A bit more math & science will do no harm and we may break away from bellow 20th in the world!
        • Mar 29 2014: "mathematical illiteracy is worn as badge of honor in the USA" that is a highly biased and unsubstantiated opinion.

          People that have math skills and science skills tend to look down on others and are just as egocentric as artists are that look down on the un-creative.

          I would suggest stepping out of your Schrödinger's box and see that the world needs many more talents besides math and science if we are to survive as a species.

          I have never seen Honey Boo Boo but apparently you have. I hear she made millions from that show- perhaps you are just jealous!
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        Mar 29 2014: Argos,
        Math illiteracy in USA is a reality just see my first post & link, or just ask a few HS math teachers.
        Not all folks that can do math are so silly as to feel "superior" that is a highly biased and unsubstantiated opinion.

        Indeed the world needs many talents it just looks as if Math & Science are being left behind. In just about any college the first year dropout rate culprit (well one of them) is lack of math skills. There is great potential in the USA, after all this is the country of Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison & other giants, we should pay attention to what the measurements are telling us.

        If you have not seen the above mentioned TV shows you have not missed much... I'm not jealous but rather saddened that such buffoonery so easily entertains the minds of millions, but what do i know?

        • Mar 29 2014: Carlos, this not a question of math literacy and claiming that we are behind other countries in those subjects as a justification to increase those subjects shows that you are simply promoting a corporate agenda.

          Your statements about a badge of honor and Honey Boo Boo are all the evidence I need to see you feel superior.

          I am not against incorporating math and science into other fields and that is probably why those fields have fallen off because in all honesty- they bore the hell out of people and few people want to crunch numbers and stare into test tubes all day.

          I challenge your notion that people do not want to learn those subjects and it is more likely that those subjects are not interesting and have low desirability as a career.

          Luckily we have people that do like those subjects or at least like to make the money that goes with a job that bores them to death.

          So who is the buffoon- the person that chooses a direction for their life that makes them happy or the person that chooses a field because it will make them money or gain them awards?
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        Mar 30 2014: Argos,
        Amazing that you know how I feel & think!! (what Am I saying , of course you do, right?)

        But ad hominem attacks at me will not change any of the realities I posted. I see the lack of math skills from McDonalds to Universities, "staring"at a test tube & "crunching" numbers is not what Science & math is ultimately about. But your are entitled to your opinion.

        You need to get out a bit more-I work in the scientific field , I'm surrounded with great beautiful folks, who love life & from diverse cultures(religious folks as well) and we find joy in our work -scientific pursuits -and we are all doing ok Heck we even bowl every Thursday! I feel fulfilled and in no need to feel better or worse than anyone.

        Be well,
        • Mar 30 2014: Your words are right there in your post and the meaning is clear in your words that you feel superior.

          "There is great potential in the USA, after all this is the country of Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison & other giants, we should pay attention to what the measurements are telling us."

          Obviously you think these people are superior and you aspire to be one of them.

          " I'm not jealous but rather saddened that such buffoonery so easily entertains the minds of millions, "

          Obviously you have a great disdain for people you feel are not your intellectual equals to the point of calling them buffoons.

          You are surrounded by people that have lives that are not entirely captured by math and science and you are pointing at that as evidence you are human and not boring but you can not see that you have just explained what makes peoples lives enjoyable and exciting and it is not the math or science it is how they live.

          I would say you have brainwashed yourself probably from a lack of self esteem into a false belief that you are superior and identify with "giants" because of their accomplishments without understanding that people like Steve Jobs and Thomas Edisons greatest accomplishments was in their caring about other people and the math and science was secondary and without that compassion and understanding they were nothing that anyone would care about.

          You seem to have only caught the bug to be a "giant" without the personality, values, humility and humanity that those giants exhibited.

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