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Unbiased religious education should be mandatory at all public schools.

I feel like prejudice and racism comes from ignorance. If children are taught the basic principles of most religions, they'll be more understanding towards those who believe something different. Before I reached junior high, I was terrified of Muslims, Mormons, and Wiccans. However, after digging deeper into my history book, I realized that they were people just like me. If religious education starts earlier, I feel like children will have a more open mind and be more prepared to work in an ever-changing, diverse world.


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    • Mar 29 2014: Of course. I was an atheist for the longest time, but I wouldn't consider myself immoral. (Right now, I'm not too sure where I stand.) However, not everyone would be happy with that. Some do want to continue to worship their god and be moral. There will always be a division between believers and non believers. I'm just hoping that the wall won't be so high.
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        Mar 29 2014: I think that some of us who are more independent from the ready-to-use conventions than the rest of us, have to find a unique personal concept and ethics based on personal experience.

        Since ancient forums are gone, there is no school that encourages us to think, find new ways of dealing with reality, and look for, or invent our own concepts on morals, psychology, sciences, spirituality or religion.

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