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Internet Censorship

I am currently carrying out a brief study on activist behaviour towards Internet Censorship and would like to see the opinions of you well-informed people.
How much influence do you think acts of protest towards internet censorship have on government legislation? E.g. The Internet Blackout in protest towards the proposed US SOPA & PIPA.

  • Mar 24 2014: SOPA and PIPA are not particularly associated to piracy laws, but are more sinister than that. And although companies such as Google pretend to be on the side of the activists they are in fact the biggest perpetrators of taking away internet freedoms, as they have sold out countless times to US surveilance companies.

    I do not beleive the internet should be censored for copyright/piracy reasons. I even beleive there is no harm in people hacking (so long as it is for the right reasons). However, i do beleive vulnerable people need to be protected. And the internet at the moment is serving as a means for crime against vulnerable people to be commited and encouraged, and certain sites must be warping young peoples minds. I would certainly not be against the censorship of certain sites that encourage violence or the wrong treatment of women.
  • Mar 21 2014: Here's the cure.. Internet should emerge as an independent power protected by international laws with a code of conduct..

    "Nothing can be censored on the internet"
    "ISPs are responsible to provide the internet as-is.. and any attempts of altering and restricting including to data content and bandwidth flaw will be punishable by international law"
    "Users of the internet are free to join or form groups that guard such laws to police them"
    "Every human has the legal "human right" to access the world wide web, as a life necessity, that includes prison inmates and people with disabilities.
  • Mar 21 2014: Internet is the single greatest invention in human lifetime, and it was the main trigger to create all digital intelligence ranging from digital content, media, games, open source collaboration, social networks, and human unity and transparency..

    Destroying the very nest that protects humanity will result in the end of human life and the so called internet era as we know it.

    I believe humans should do much more and even sacrifice as many lives as important to protect the single most important achievement of human kind..... the World Wide Web..

    Thank you Sir Tim Berners Lee.
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    Mar 19 2014: Apparently there is an observable influence, with many legislators recognizing and advocating in support of the protesters. But Hey! what do I know? I'm not in the US! :D haha